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Last-minute move preparations

Finding a new home is part of many people's lives. It is a process that is usually loaded with a lot of stress. Especially when you need to move at the last minute. At times like this, it's most important to be quick, as calm as possible and well organised. This is the only way to get through each step successfully. But this is not an easy task, there are a bunch of pitfalls.

That's why, for your convenience, we've created a guide that contains everything you need to move at short notice.

You will need a last-minute moving checklist

Nothing helps us stay focused and organized like a quality and detailed plan. Moving at the last minute requires us to be consistent and optimize our time in such a way that we reach best results. In fact, you will need three main lists: one for the tasks you need to fill, another for the items you will take and a third for all the people you need to contact. No matter how little time you have, your first job is to grab a sheet of paper and a pen.

The actual process of making a list helps us remember a number of small details, such as renewing our passport if we haven't travelled soon, or the small amount of money you keep for emergencies behind the closet. Be detailed! The success of the whole endeavour depends on completing this seemingly simple task.

This is also the time to set a tentative budget. Don't set the ceiling too low. Usually, the need to move quickly comes at the expense of a slightly higher price.

Collect moving company quotes

Too often people think they don't have a lot of stuff and live minimalist lives. However, when they have to move at short notice, they realize that this is far from the case. The problem isn't just quantity. It turns out that big TV, favorite painting, or that heavy industrial-style table won't move so easily. Especially at the last minute.

The good news is that you can trust a moving company to be your faithful ally in the moving process. The team at Movega Removals has successfully helped a bunch of customers all over Europe. Our reviews on Trustpilot attest to it. You can approach us about your situation and we will find a way to help you. We have a wide range of services and vehicles. No job is too small or too big for us!

A man and a woman sitting on a couch and cheering after a last-minute move

Gather moving supplies for your last-minute move 

In your checklist for last-minute move, you'll also need to make a note of what you'll need for everything packing related. When you're constrained by time, you may have to make some price compromises. You may have to purchase some of the boxes you need. You will also need plenty of tape, marker and sticky notes, and maybe bubble wrap. Use whatever you have on hand in the process: you can use buckets, baskets and basins as storage. Towels and sheets can be used to seal up breakables. Clothes, on the other hand, can be left on hangers and grouped into bags.

Use all your imagination to make the process easier and stock up quickly and easily with everything you need. After all, you don't have much time. You can set up a workstation that all the packing goes through. A wide table will do you an excellent job. Place all your supplies next to it and get to work!

And here are a few additional ideas that might be helpful:

- Put destination rooms on the boxes

- Use plastic bags for equipment, remotes, chargers, etc.

- Mark boxes as breakable

- Use a colour scheme according to the rooms the boxes are destined for

- Do not leave empty space in your boxes

If you are still struggling with this task, we can also help with the packing and unpacking process.

You can use an extra helping hand

The process of relocating your home at the last minute is certainly not an easy task. Things can happen too slowly if you're doing everything on your own or with your partner, especially if you're moving with children who you'll also need to look after in the meantime. It's a good idea to ask for extra help. Friends can help with moving and dismantling furniture, and grandmothers can help with looking after the kids or pets.

Be sure to control the process, however, because although a large number of helpers leads to a faster pace of work, it is possible to create gaps in the organization. If you don't have a friend or relative on hand, a trusted transport company is always a good choice.

You can get rid of stuff you don’t need

When you are moving at the last minute and the lack of time is obvious, you can resort to a more radical clear out of your belongings. Are you really planning to fix the old coffee maker? Are you going to use all those cups that are no longer in a set? Are you going to read those romance novels that no one knows how they even got at your home? The answer is probably no.

You can donate, throw away or recycle anything that has no sentimental value to you or you don't use. This will make the process of preparing for a move easier, faster and even cheaper. It's a good idea to ask yourself if you would buy a particular item again. If the answer is no, then you probably don't need it now either.

Don't forget about your larger items. Not all furniture will be worth moving. Ask yourself questions about whether they will fit in your new home, how much they cost and whether they are functional enough. Make your last-minute move easier.

Pack an overnight bag with essential items

When moving at short notice, it is imperative that you prepare your luggage to use as soon as you arrive at your new location. That way you can get your bearings quickly and without too much stress. The location of your overnight bag is in the vehicle you will be using. It can contain the following items:

- Hygiene products: toothpaste and toothbrush, deodorant, soap, toilet paper and wet and dry wipes, shampoo, etc.

- Towels;

- Clean clothes to sleep in and clothes for the next day;

- Chargers and batteries for your devices;

- Dry food, just in case;

- Enough water;

- Napkins and basic utensils for you and your family;

- Pocket knife;

- Lighter or match;

- ID and credit card;

- Trash bags;

- Essential medicines and first aid supplies.

Having all the essentials in one place will save you a lot of stress and make the first days of your stay easier.

Moving is not just about your luggage

The initial stress of a last-minute move often makes us forget that our belongings are not our only responsibility. If you have children and are moving to another city, you should definitely consider their school. Let your current school know, and start researching where you will enrol them.

Community services are another key focus. You'll need to terminate your relationship at the current address and reassign them to the new one. Just in case, research the doctors and dentists in your new area. That way, if you need to seek help, you'll know who to contact quickly.

Don't forget about your pets - they may need help too. That's why you'll need the contact details of a vet. It's also a good idea to read more about how to move with a pet.

The last-minute move is a difficult task, but not impossible. Good organization is the key to success. If you feel tired and stressed after the move, remember that you can put off unpacking for a few days. Take a walk around the neighbourhood, get to know your new neighbours, or organize a family dinner at a restaurant. For every aspect of your adventure, you can trust the Movega Removals team. We perform a wide range of services and we are here for you. Contact us for a free consultation using the contact form on the website or via the chat bot.

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