Packing Service

  • Disassembly of all furniture.

  • Carefully and professionally packing the items to ensure proper transportation and reduce the risk of damages

  • Packing materials included in each quote.

  • Loading the vehicle(s) from ground/upper floors.

Young couple moved to a new house or apartment. Having fun with cardboard boxes, relaxing after cleaning and unpacking at moved day. Look happy. Family, moving, relations, first home concept.

Our team of professionals will come, see and conquer all of your belongings (in a pleasant and safe way). Your furniture will be disassembled with finesse and packed with personal attention to secure their safe voyage. We have thought of everything, even the packing materials, included in each quote. In the end, the loading of the vehicle is calmly done, without any tension.

Rear view at kids playing with boxes on moving day, small brother and sister running holding belongings packing unpacking in new home, happy playful children having fun together enjoying relocation

Unpacking Service

  • Unloading of the vehicle(s) to the ground/upper floor.

  • Placing and re-assembling furniture into the designated rooms.

  • Disposal of the waste left behind from the packing materials.

With the same amount of finesse and professionalism, our team will gently unload your possessions to the floor needed. Then, the real delicate work starts - placing and reassembling all furniture into the designated rooms. We know that usually, the process of moving is associated with a complete mess. Not necessarily! We will completely dispose of all the waste and leftovers from the packing materials.

Relocation process with Packing Service

With the full packing and unpacking service, the customer has the opportunity to sit on the director's chair and supervise the whole process. You have only one job - to provide access to the building to our team. They will do the rest.


Our packing team arrives one day earlier than the scheduled collection day, or maybe even more (depending on the volume of the packing needed)


Before the packing process begins, we make a strict plan on all of your items - which are a priority and which require more time for proper packing. Also important is the detailed loading plan for optimizing the space in the vehicle.


When the packing is fully completed, our team returns to load the vehicle. On some occasions, if there are upper floor requirements, the loading process could take a little bit longer than expected - we take maneuvering and balancing through staircases seriously.

Relocation process with Unpacking Service

With the full packing and unpacking service, customer is only expected to provide access to our teams and supervise the work, everything else would be done by the Movega Removals team members.


Upon arrival at the delivery address, a detailed plan for the entire process would be made. The team would then start with the unloading of the vehicle(s).


After the items are carefully placed into the designated rooms, the reassembly process will start.


Once the reassembly process is finished, the team would collect all the waste left behind and dispose of it.

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Allow us to make the exercise of moving out entirely stress-free for you! Entrusting us with your valuables will be your smartest choice!


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