Rent a
moving lift.

Are you experiencing difficulties with large furniture going through the staircase? Or probably your landlord does not allow you to use the stairs while moving in or out?

Movega Removals would easily organize an external lift with an operator and helper to get your items loaded/unloaded safely and on time.


Why should you
trust us?

Over the years of operation, we have put many smiles on thousands of faces. Through dedication, passion, and attention to details, we managed to achieve our goals. But our company's secret recipe for success has always been the personal approach.

Allow us to make the exercise of moving out entirely stress-free for you! Entrusting us with your valuables will be your smartest choice!


Some tips
when moving

We advise you to follow these simple rules to rule out the stress when moving:
  • Start packing on time.
  • Label your boxes, so you can easily find your way through them in your new place.
  • Make sure to distribute the weight evenly over the boxes, preferably no more than 20 kilos per box.
  • Measure all of your bulky items in advance to make sure that they fit through doors or staircases. That way, you would avoid frustrating and stressful situations.
  • In case you decide not to use the professional Packing service offered by Movega Removals, please check our videos on how to pack your glassware and plates.
Woman and man holding two boxes

Movega Removals provide full set of services.

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Load below 15m3

Protect From Damages

Help with heavy items

Up to 10 floor

Loads above 15m3

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