Do I have to be present at the time of loading/unloading?

No, you do not have to be present, though someone needs to provide access for the driver.

What are the payment Terms?

We at Movega Removals do not adopt the full payment upfront practice. Once the deposit is cleared, the balance due is then split into two equal instalments. First Installment is due two weeks before the collection, and the second one is due on the day of delivery, once the vehicle arrives.

In case of fines, incurred during transit, as a result of overweight which party will be responsible for the fine?

We do have every intention to avoid fines and tickets during transit. Many times there are substantial differences between the preliminary and final inventory lists. In case of overweight, it is the customer's responsibility to cover the cost of the ticket.

Would my load be inspected by customs?

For the countries of Switzerland and Norway, there is a Customs procedure. Therefore it is very likely that your load gets inspected. That is why our moving quotes from and to the countries mentioned above include Customs Clearance Service to ensure that the documents needed are prepared and provided to the driver. Please do keep in mind that the service related to the customs clearance procedure provided by Movega is to cover the administrative costs. Any additional fees required by the authorities would be the customers' responsibility to protect.

What happens if I exceed my load allowance?

If at the end the volume is exceeded, we will provide you individual solutions based on your situation. Don't worry - we got this for you. Solutions may include additional vans or our "Dedicated Service" You can find more information about this service here.

Is there any help included by the driver

The driver would help with loading from a ground floor and unload to a ground floor unless specified otherwise.

Do we have to pack/unpack our items?

Our standard quotes do not include packing or unpacking services, though those services are available on request.

Do you move pianos?

Movega removals is not a professional piano moving company, we could transport the piano for you, though we are not be hold responsible for any possible damages during transit. It is preferable to organize professional piano packers, and also organize the loading and unloading of the piano.

Does the van has tail-lift?

Our van does not typically come with a tail lift. Though we can organize a vehicle with such equipment, an additional charge may be applied. The availability of such equipment is minimal. Therefore the location for where is required is needed. Please keep in mind that the van's tail lift service reduces the Payload to 700KG for a standard move. For the movement of Switzerland, Norway, Austria, the Payload is reduced to 500-600KG.

Does my shipment include VAT?

VAT may be added, in line where applicable. Exclusions are Switzerland, Norway, United Kingdom.

Do I need to complete an inventory?

Yes, you have to complete an inventory form provided by us and email it over about one week or more before the collection date, so we could check and re-confirm the volume quote and approval by you. We are ensuring that you are covered, and if any changes are necessary, we have enough time to apply them. The inventory form is also essential for moving, including packing and unpacking service, as the quotes are based on volume.

Am I able to change my inventory list( add items to it)?

Yes, you are always able to add additional items, though do keep in mind that the quote approved may not be sufficient anymore, and it may have to be recalculated. Therefore price changes may be applicable.

Some of my items had been damaged or is missing, what to do?

Please inform us immediately of any missing or damaged items. Do not sign the delivery paperwork if there are items that are missing or damaged. Please take pictures of the damaged items and email them over to us. We would investigate the matter and get back to you as soon as we have completed our investigation. If you cannot reach us, please note any missing or damaged item on the delivery paperwork, then sign the paperwork.

Is the van coming with straps, or extra loading equipment?

The vans carry straps as standard equipment to secure furniture and other items. Additional loading equipment such as trollies, ramps etc., is not provided by Movega Removals, and you would have to provide it.

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