Movega Removals is proud to offer one of the most convenient payment terms on the market.

Many transportation companies require deposit payment in the form of 20-30% from the entire relocation amount. The aim of such companies is to get the customer into booking with them, and then not giving the customer a chance to cancel in case he needs to.

Movega Removals requires 50GBP deposit, regardless of the amount of the move. To back up our statement further, we would like to advise that the deposits are Fully Refundable regardless of the reason for the cancellation.


It is common practice for most of the relocation companies to obtain the payment upfront, we at Movega Removals do not adopt such practices. Balance due is split on two equal installments.
First Installment is due two weeks before the collection, and the Second installment is due on the day of delivery, once the vehicle arrives.