Estimating the payload.

Option 1

  • Customer provides inventory list.

Option 2

02 Additional

Discuss if additional services are required, such as:

03 Transport

Up on acceptance of quote, customer needs to provide 50GBP/EURO deposit (fully refundable) to secure the quote, at the same time we expect to receive the collection and delivery addresses, and to have the collection dates and time slots set.

04 Make a

Fourteen days before the collection we expect to receive the balance payment via bank transfer.

05 Contract

One week before the collection we would email the contract, to be reviewed and signed by the customer.

06 Collection & Delivery

On the collection & delivery days we expect the customer to be able to provide access to the driver`s vehicle, to park outside the property, and to also help the driver with the loading/unloading, unless specified otherwise.