16 People wrote to us:

Great service from start to finish. Driver was very helpful and the constant communication with Movega Team made my move to Netherlands super easy.

Thank you again Movega.

September 16, 2021

We relocated from the Netherlands to Sweden and we could not be happier with this experience! Our coordinator Katerina was extremely helpful, professional and attentive with all our needs. This was the first time ever we worked with a relocation company and we had many questions and concerns about everything, and she responded to every inquiry right away, via phone calls or emails. This was a very stressful time for us but the Movega team made it as smooth as possible.
We had several specific requests about loading and unloading timing and Katerina made sure to forward them to the according teams and confirm immediately when everything was settled.
The driver was extremely friendly and catered to our requests, placing the fragile items the way we asked him to.

The costs are really competitive and I highly recommend this company!

July 16, 2021

What a wonderful service from start to finish!!Michael the coordinator was very helpful and made the whole process of sending my son his belongings from Swansea to Galicia stress free.The driver Artur was a gem and arrived at exactly 8am and delivered to Galicia 48 hrs later and on time again with everything safe and in perfect condition!!I would highly recommend this company as their prices were very competitive.Thank you Movega
Carol Swansea .

July 13, 2020

I am relocating from the UK to Spain, Michael Murray has been extremely efficient and professional, and available for any queries. He made this stressful time for me as smooth as possible.

The cost was very competitive compared to other quotes, the process they have in place is very easy and straightforward.

The driver was very efficient and arrived to Spain sooner than expected.

I would highly recommend this company to anyone.

Thank you for making my relocation so easy 🙏🏻

June 30, 2020

We recently relocated from the UK to Portugal From receiving our quote to delivery of our entire home contents , Michael Murray led the process from start to finish with friendliness, efficiency, competency and was available to us at all times , no matter how small the query.
The driver himself was helpful and efficient, and all of our goods arrived in tact , unbroken and without any damage whatsoever.
This was a stressful and difficult move for us due to personal circumstances and the Movega team took the stress out of it completely.
The cost was extremely competitive compared to four other quotes we received and would highly recommend this company to anyone .

With gratitude to the Movega team 🙏🏻

June 9, 2020

I have contacted Movega removals as one of my friend used them to move his belonging to his new place, and he was very impressed by the type of service they provided. Withing 5-10 minutes of my query I have received my quote, and the quote was explained to me within one phone call, I was made aware of complete service that I requested, and I felt quite comfortable booking immediately with them. The move went a head very well, and everything happen so easy, I have not expected at all a moving can be so easy and stress free. Thank you all at Movega that made my move so easy.

June 4, 2020

I have requested multiple vehicle move, and I made it very clear that I do not want to pack, or unpack anything. Company quoted me, the price was very adequate, the entire process of packing and unpacking my items was explained to me, all necessary arrangements were made people came on time and finished the job very well. I`m one very happy customer and would recommend them to all my friends that are expecting to move soon.

June 2, 2020

I was on very tight schedule to get my move completed, and needed speedy and professional service. Contacted Movega, and within 5 minutes I got a quote including everything that I needed. They were very accommodating, and understood all my worries and requirements. The vehicle arrived within the advised time, and loading started immediately, I was surprised by the professionalism and the speed that
the vehicle got loaded, then within 2 days the vehicle was at my doorsteps (Again as per the advised time). Amazing company, amazing service they have proven to me that there is still companies that work towards satisfaction of customers.

May 29, 2020

My move with Movega was easy and fast, the entire process from getting quote, to booking with them took me a bit longer time, I was surprised how they can be so patient with me, and answering all of my questions, at the end they were even able to price match a price of competitor, for the sake of taking my business. I`m very satisfied with the overall experience.

May 20, 2020

I was a bit worried about my move, as it was part load, and was not very keen on choosing this option, though at the end the price and the speedy service and attention I got from the moving coordinator made me book. There was a bit of delay about the collection, the driver came about 1 hour later than advised, though that is understandable as there is traffic jams and incidents on the road that the company can not predict. Overall very good experience, my items arrived safe and got unloaded very fast.

May 18, 2020

Got a quote for my move, I was very skeptical about the company, and did not believe that they would fulfil my move with the ease that they were advising they would. At the end the move was stress free, and as per our agreement

May 14, 2020

I was a bit hesitant to book as they require the balance payment to be paid beforehand, and requested my payment to be split on two half’s, they were very accommodating and everything went as per plan driver showed up on time, helped us with the loading (They have an option were the entire loading or unloading could be completed by the company) driver was great as well as everybody at Movega.

May 8, 2020

I`m usually not the person that would write a review as I do not like doing that, and also I do not receive service that requires me to leave a positive review. Though I have to be honest, those guys are truly amazing and honest (qualities you do not get to see often now a days). I got my quote, approved it and proceeded with the deposit. I`m a very strict person, so I have followed up with them on few occasions, and express my concerns about the volume and the weight quoted. They were very relaxed on the phone, asked me to send a complete inventory list one week before the collection to check the volume again. I did what they wanted, and it turned out that I was going to be overweight, and needed a second vehicle. Great that those guys work with you, and that they are not after the money. I was offered two options. First one was to add a second vehicle to my order, at a discounted price of 10% as my move was requiring more than one vehicle. Option two was to fully refund me if I wanted. I was shocked that a company offers a refund and is ready to loose business to keep their good reputation, having that in mind I have opted for the second vehicle, which made my quote a bit more expensive than the others, though service I have received was simply amazing, from start to beginning. I have no words to express how I feel, as I have never written a reviews about a company with such joy as I`m doing it right now. Heads up Movega, great time is a head of you should you keep doing what you are doing.

April 29, 2020

I just ask for a quote, and MOVEGA was the first one to answer and so far with the best option too.

April 15, 2020

My move required specific day of collection, and delivery. While the other companies were refusing my move, or quoting me unreasonable amount of money to make it happen. Movega gladly accepted the challenge they provided a quote that was very reasonable, and advised me that the only way they could possibly accommodate my request was to hold the vehicle for 2 days, and that comes with additional charge. They advised that they will get back to me at the most within couple of hours, and during that time I thought that I had the same thing happening over, and got prepared to be slammed with unrealistic amount to be paid. Was I surprised when they contacted me to advise, the amount was not only reasonable, it was hard to believe that there is a company able to do that for me, and not charge me insane amount of money. When the collection day came, I was worried and anxious as the van was a bit late. I have received phone call from my sales person, and he advised me that the van is delayed on previous loading (Great that in our first contact the very same sales person advised me not to book flights near the collection time as delays may happen), once updated I was feeling better, and in secure hands. The vehicle arrived, loading happened almost instantly, as the driver was very efficient. I had forgotten to mention that the loading needs to happen from 2nd floor, but a quick phone call really resolved the issue. The same driver was waiting at the time we have arranged, and he was ready to unload and head towards his next destination. I have to say that not to many companies are able to make my move, as Movega. They surpassed all my expectations, and made me fell in secure hands. I highly recommend Movega Removals.

April 13, 2020

My move was very specific I was exporting from Switzerland, and that required very specific approach. I have paid additional to Movega to handle the exportation of my belongings. They have advised me of what kind of documents do I need to be able to easily export my items. I was ready to be called to go on the border, as this was advised by my moving agent (I`m very grateful for that), but at the end that never happened to be the case. My move was completed with such professionalism that I will not hesitate to contact them again for my next moves.

April 7, 2020