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The current TERMS OF SERVICE govern the relations between „Movega Removals” Ltd., referred to as "Movega Removals”, on one part, and the Consumers of internet pages and services, placed on the site (referred to as Consumers), on the other side.

Contact details:

email - movega@movega.co.uk

phone number: +44 (0) 20 8050 4748


For the purpose of these Terms of service, the following Terms are to be understood as follows:

Site - https://movega.co.uk/ and all of its subpages

Consumer -  is any natural person who acquires goods or services that are not intended to engage in commercial or professional activity and any natural person who, as a party to a contract, acts outside the scope of his trade or profession.

Personal data - any information about an individual which reveals his or her physical, psychological, mental, family, economic, cultural or social identity.

Service - any material or intellectual activity carried out in an independent manner, intended for third party and does not have as its main object the transfer of possession of property.

Service contract - a contract other than a sale contract, under which the trader provides or undertakes to provide a service to the consumer, and the consumer pays or undertakes to pay the price for it.

Alternative Consumer Dispute Resolution- an out-of-court settlement procedure for Consumer disputes that meets the requirements of the Consumer protection act and is executed by an alternative Consumer dispute resolution body.


  • “Movega Removals” offers removal services for its clients.


  • “Movega Removals” sends a quote to the Consumer, which includes description and specification of the offered services such as volume/weight, service type, collection date and time, delivery date and time, price, deposit amount etc. The quote could also include additional services such as custom clearance, packing services etc.
  • The quote is limited for time period of 7 days, unless otherwise provided.
  • By sending a new quote the previous one is considered revoked. This is the case when the Consumer and “Movega Removals” negotiate additional services or different service specifications.
  • “Movega Removals” can revoke the quote at any time before the signing of the contract.
  • Removal services contract is concluded between the parties when the Consumer digitally signs it. The mere acceptance of the quote is not enough for the conclusion of a legally binding contract. However, if “Movega Removals” starts the execution of the negotiated services and the Consumer doesn't make an objection against it, the contract is considered concluded.
  • In case the Consumer wants to add additional services after the conclusion of the contract, a separate quote is being sent by “Movega Removals”. The Parties can also initiate a contract amendment negotiation.
  • “Movega Removals" can refuse conclusion of contract with an abusive Consumer. “Movega Removals” can treat a Consumer as abusive in case:
    • there is a non-compliance with the Terms of service
    • there was established an abusive, arrogant or rude attitude towards the representatives of the “Movega Removals”;
    • there were established systematic Consumer abuses towards “Movega Removals”


  • The payment is due 14 days before the collection date of the goods, unless otherwise provided in the contract.
  • The Client pays 50 EUR/GBP deposit upon booking via PayPal or myPOS for all orders made 14 days or more before the collection.
  • When the collection of the goods is 14 days or less after the order has been placed, no deposit is due and the payment is split in two equal parts.
  • All prices include VAT in cases where the charging is applicable.
  • The Consumer can pay the price of the ordered services by choosing one of the listed methods in the quote.
  • If the Consumer picks a method of payment, including a Third Party - provider of payment services, the Consumer may be obliged by the regulations and conditions and/or taxes of such a Third Party.
  • “Movega Removals” is not liable if a certain method of payment, including a Third Party - provider of payment services, is not available or in other aspect is not working due to reasons, for which “Movega Removals” can’t be held accountable for.


  • The price of the removal service is based on volume or weight (whichever comes first). In case your volume or weight is greater than the specified in this contract, We have the right to refuse the transport of the cargo above the specified weight or volume or send you a revised quote.
  • The Consumer and “Movega Removals” can negotiate individual prices taking into account the circumstances and the previously negotiated services.


  • The Client can cancel the Contract at any time before its execution begins.
  • Where, in connection with the performance of the contract, costs have been imposed on the Contractor and the Client cancels the contract, the Contractor has the right to withhold the appropriate amount of the costs or to claim their payment.
  • The Contractor keeps the rights withholding any transaction fees in case of cancellation due to no fault of the Contractor.
  • The Client receives a full refund of the paid service price where the cancellation of the contract is made one week or more before the collection date.
  • The Client pays 25% of the service price as a cancellation fee where the cancellation of the contract is made less than 7 days and more than 3 days before the collection date.
  • The Client pays 50% of the service price as a cancellation fee where the cancellation of the contract is 3 days or less before the services date.
  • The cancellation fee is based on the incurred expenses for the Contractor and his subcontractors. The cancellation fee is not a penalty.


  • The Consumer shall be entitled to complain in respect of any non-conformity of the service with the contract.
  • A complaint shall be addressed either by word of mouth on the phone pointed out by ”Movega Removals”’ or in writing to the email or to the entity’s address.
  • When a claim is made, the Consumer indicates the subject matter of the claim, the preferred way of satisfying the claim, or the amount of the sum claimed, and the address, telephone and email for contact.
  • Upon submission of a complaint, the Consumer shall mandatorily attach the documents supporting the complaint, such as a receipt or an invoice, written statements, memoranda or other documents establishing the lack of conformity of the goods or services with what has been agreed, other documents establishing the grounds and amount of the claim.
  • Complaints in respect to the provided services may be addressed within 14 days as of the date of establishment of the lack of conformity.
  • “Movega Removals” keeps a register of the complaints submitted. The document consisting of the submission number of the complaint from the register and the type of service is sent to the email, provided by the Consumer.
  • When “Movega Removals” satisfies the complaint, it issues a document in 2 copies and provides one of them to the Consumer.


  • The rights of intellectual property over materials and resources, placed on the website of “Movega Removals” (including the existing database), that are an object of protection under the Law on Copyright and Neighbouring Rights, are property of “Movega Removals” or the indicated person, who transferred the right of use to “Movega Removals” and can not be used in violation of the current legislation.
  • When copying or reproducing information beyond the legal limits or by any other violation of intellectual property rights on the resources of "Movega Removals", “Movega Removals” has the right to make a claim for all damages including direct and indirect damages.
  • Except as expressly agreed upon, the Consumer may not reproduce, modify, delete, publish, distribute or otherwise disclose the information resources posted on the “Movega Removals" website.
  • “Movega Removals" has the right, but not an obligation, at its discretion to delete information resources and materials posted on their site.


  • Both Parties acknowledge the legal validity of the digital signatures and escpecially of the ZOHO e-signature. All contracts and documents signed in such a manner are legally binding for the parties.
  • The Parties recognise the Consumers’ e-mail address and phone number as the official means of communication and will communicate important information in this manner. All notices or information will be communicated in this manner.


  • The parties declare that if any of the provisions of these Terms of service prove to be invalid, this will not invalidate the entire contract or any of its parts. The invalid clause will be replaced by the mandatory rules of the law or established practice.


  • “Movega Removals" is obliged to notify Consumers for any amendment to these Terms of service within 7 days of the occurrence of this circumstance at the email address specified by the Consumer.
  • When the Consumer disagrees with the Terms of service, the Consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason and without being liable for damages or penalty. In order to exercise this right, the Consumer must notify “Movega Removals" within one month of receiving the notice under the preceding paragraph.
  • In case the Consumer does not exercise his right to withdraw from the contract in accordance with these Terms of service, the Consumer shall be considered to have accepted the Amendment without objection.


  • The provisions of the law of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply to any cases unregulated under these Terms of service.