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Testimonial of the Month

Over the years of operation, we have put many smiles on thousands of faces. Through dedication, passion, and attention to detail, we managed to achieve our goals. But our company's secret recipe for success has always been the personal approach. We could proudly say that we are one of the very best in the business! These are not just our words, but our customer's words!
For those of you who have never heard of it, the world's biggest website for reviews is called Trustpilot. Over there, you can read every company's reviews - either good or bad. It's the perfect place to find the best services for your needs, relying on other people's personal experience. A lot of vital choices have been made thanks to this website.
Let's take a peek at our reviews on Trustpilot. This review is just one of the many excellent reviews we receive daily:

"Outstanding professional service! We can't imagine making our recent move from Amsterdam to Lisbon without Movega. They were super proactive in quoting and advising us on our needs. After sharing our inventory, they rightly advised us to weigh some of our bags, and we, fortunately, realized that we were above the truck limit. Movega was super quick to arrange for a second truck (at a discounted price!) and without any exploitation. The team over the phone is well informed of country-specific transport regulations and was constantly following up with us over the phone throughout our move to make sure everything was in order. Drivers were equally very nice and helpful in loading the truck and driving our goods for 3 days while keeping them in their condition! :)"

if you are not convinced after reading just one review, here is the complete list of our reviews.

Our services are excellent rated all over Europe! 24,420m³ deliver goods! 33 countries covered! Over 800 satisfied customers! You have to admit it - we rule! Our popularity grows with the happiness of our clients. We believe the best advertisement is by spreading the word of our professionalism from our happy customers. Most of them really appreciate the personal approach and are more than excited to recommend us to their friends straight away. Also, we believe we have the best money to quality ratio. Again, these are not just our own words.

If you want the job to be done properly - choose us! We are here for you and the safety of your favourite goods!

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