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Moving into a new home is an exciting step for anyone. Often, however, after the initial euphoria of a successful change of scenery, we ask ourselves how to protect our home in the best way. In these lines, we will introduce you to some of the precautions for your new home that, once implemented, would ensure that your home is in fact your fortress.

Safety measures for your new home when it comes to potential robbery

Cover the windows: Make sure that once you are outside your home, the windows are covered with curtains or blinds. This applies with full force to those living on first floors or in houses—traditionally riskier when it comes to burglaries. The inability to peek inside the home could reduce the chance of potential theft.

Lock the windows: This step is a natural complement to the previous one. In fact, windows are the most appetizing point from which burglars would enter someone's home. If you feel that just locking the window isn't enough, reinforce it by adding bars or installing sensors to alert you when the glass is broken. A bonus tip is to plant prickly shrubs if you are on the ground floor.

Change locks: When we think of burglary, the first place that pops into our mind is the front door. One of the safety measures in your new home is to change the locks after moving in. This should, of course, be done with the consent of your landlord. By taking this measure, you would ensure that previous tenants or people with copies of the key will not have access to your private space. In addition, be careful who you yourself give spare keys to.

Put a chain on the front door: This is an additional safety measure, especially suitable for apartment dwellers and often applied by people who have already been victims of a robbery.

Store your spare keys in a smart way: We're sure you've probably had to look for a spare key under a pot, on the doorframe or in another secret location. However, there are far more secure alternatives such as so-called 'key safes'. These are usually placed by the front door and are a sought-after solution for those who always lose their key in the morning rush. They are also an excellent alternative when it comes to children, who in some cases also lose their keys inadvertently.

Install a smart front doorbell: These doorbells are particularly common in Asia, and not only, allowing you to see new visitors to your home. They have a camera through which you could observe the happenings right outside your home. You don't want to meet the nosy neighbour, or you are looking forward to an important delivery? These doorbells are the solution for you.

Secure garage doors: Garage doors are often an underrated item when it comes to breaking into someone's home. They are key, especially if the garage is directly connected to the home where your valuables usually are. And even if it's not, a garage break-in alone is enough to disturb your peace of mind. On that note, make sure you secure the garage with a password that only you and your close ones know. It is also advisable to change it periodically. Make sure your children do not share it with their friends and classmates. Another tip is to install a video camera around the garage space.

Reinforce sliding doors: A tip that is mostly valid for those living in a house. Some of the solutions to ensure that this type of door will not be easily opened include door sensors, glass break sensors (in case the door is glass), and additional locks that you can place at the top and bottom of the door.

Reinforce your home's gate and fence: A measure more applicable to those living in a house but definitely reducing the risk of unwanted visitors trespassing on your property. Additionally, this would ensure that your personal space is truly inviolable and that whatever happens in your home stays there.

Install outdoor lighting: Another safety measure for your new home is to install outdoor lighting. It would deter burglars and give the impression that your home is permanently occupied. A good tip is to illuminate traditionally dark areas of your yard such as corners (where burglars could hide). You can also opt for lights that activate by movement.

Separate your valuables: Putting your most valuable possessions such as documents, money, electronics, etc. in a safe would ensure that even if someone manages to break into your home, there is a lower possibility that you would part with something important. The advice to change the safe access code periodically applies with full force here as well. If you've decided to get a safe, get a higher-end one. In certain situations, features like fireproofing can certainly be crucial.

Think in perspective especially if you have a yard: Living in a house with a yard (most often associated with urban suburbs) can also have its risks. Among the useful safety measures for your new home in this case, is to padlock the yard areas. If you have a bicycle, for example, you could purchase so-called ‘bike stores’, the purpose of which is to protect against both unforeseen bad weather (rain, snowfall) and theft. Consider putting a GPS device on it.

Safety measures for your new apartment and modern technology

Thanks to advanced technology, you can also ensure your security at home. Some of the safety measures we recommend for your new home include:

The installation of a home alarm system: Perhaps one of the most secure protections, especially when it comes to times when you have to make a long trip. On one hand, an alarm system would guarantee you mental peace of mind (especially for those living alone). On the other, most modern systems can be controlled remotely, via a mobile device, which would favour both your convenience and the security of your home.

Rely on cameras: As we've already mentioned, installing cameras is an excellent way to bolster safety measures in your new home. They ensure that even in the event of a robbery or household mishap, you'll have video proof of what happened.

Home automation: Typical for so-called "smart homes" and perfect when it comes to household incidents. In fact, automation helps you control your appliances remotely, saves time and regulates the electricity consumed.

Take care of your Wi-Fi access: Apart from the security of your belongings, the safety of your home is also linked to the services you use. A typical example of such a service is your internet connection. In case you want to make sure that no one misuses using your Wi-Fi, make sure that you change your password periodically and share it only with trusted individuals.

Be careful what you post on social media: Although we're more connected than ever, communication options can be a double-edged sword when it comes to the safety of your home. Be careful about posts related to your address and new (and most often) expensive purchases you've made. Content like this can make you the perfect target for both ill-wishers, and burglars.

safety smart home solutions

Safety measures for your new home to prevent accidents

Check the detectors in your home regularly: Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are key when it comes to domestic incidents. Among the safety precautions for your new home, is to change detector batteries regularly, stock a fire extinguisher, and make sure you have the necessary emergency numbers. It is these measures that are largely related to your personal safety (including that of your family) and should not be underestimated.

Switch off your electrical appliances: A measure to avoid household accidents. Especially applicable when you are away from home for a long time or have left your children or pet home alone.

Insure your home: One of the safest measures for your new home. Of course, it should be applied in case you have purchased your home rather than living in a rental and is an excellent way to protect yourself in case of theft as well as natural disasters.

Remove dangerous items: -These are items or pieces of your furniture that could hurt someone. Although an aesthetically pleasing home is a priority for many new homeowners, beauty should not come at the expense of safety. The arrangement of furniture in the home should also be included in this measure. Make sure they are arranged in an appropriate and non-obstructive manner. And provided you live in a small home, here are our tips on how to arrange it. In addition to this precaution, we advise you to store flammable liquids, chemicals, and detergents outside your home if possible—in a garage, storage room, or outside closet. This would reduce the risk to your health in the event of accidents such as fire.

Safety measures for your new home when you’re welcoming guests

Globalization is the main reason why more and more people choose alternative places to stay when traveling. In fact, there are online platforms where you can rent out a room in your home. On the one hand, this is a great way to earn money on the side and make new contacts, but on the other hand, it is also a prerequisite to think about the safety of your home. For the purpose:

Pay attention to dangerous items: When it comes to safety measures in your new home when welcoming guests, make sure you put away dangerous items such as sharp objects, chemicals, or broken appliances for example. This way, you would save yourself the stress associated with the occurrence of unforeseen incidents.

Separate valuables: Make sure you put away items of high financial and sentimental value to you in a safe place. Considering that you are hosting a stranger, you should not over-trust yourself and be vigilant about your belongings.

Set clear rules: Create clear instructions that match the rules of the community in which you live in. They can be related to the volume of the noise, the attitude towards your neighbours and even the habits of your pet. Be hospitable, but make sure that the comfort of your home is preserved despite welcoming temporary visitors.

The safety of your home is one of the aspects you should not neglect when moving into a new home. If there are any other questions related to your future move for which you would like expert advice, contact the team at Movega Removals: a transport company with extensive experience throughout Europe. Find us now through our contact form or chatbot function.

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