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Moving to a new office is an exciting process for any growing business. It requires a lot of steps, such as finding a suitable new location, coordinating suppliers and movers. Arranging the packing and unpacking of all company equipment is not an easy job either. It is also important that the company continues to operate without difficulty during this time. Therefore, unpleasant surprises should be avoided, and this could be done with careful preparation and detailed planning.

Based on the many years of experience we have as a transport company, we can offer you the following guidelines for safe relocation of your office.

Thing about the time of the office relocation

For many companies, one of the most challenging aspects of office relocation is interrupting the work process. It must not be affected by the relocation. Early planning could help avoid further complications.

Provide an opportunity for the current and the new office space to work in parallel before starting the relocation. This way, you will be able to move some of the equipment out, without disrupting the work of the company. A good option is to spend a little more money to rent both office spaces, because it will facilitate the whole process.

If you have missed this important detail when negotiating the terms, there are other possible arrangements. In case you can’t move all of your equipment at once, you could rely on storage services for your items.

Make sure the equipment will fit into your new office

When choosing a new working space, you definitely get informed about its size. For the relocation to go smoothly, you need to make a specific plan about the arrangement of everything. The place should correspond to the amount of equipment you own.

Consider the option to order new appliances if the current wouldn’t fit. Synchronise their arrival with your relocation. If the office is more spacious, this could give your company the chance to grow faster and without limitations.

With video inventory you could show the transport company how big your equipment is. Using such service prior to the actual moving could help both sides be better prepared when the big day comes.

Prepare and sort the documents

The systematic arrangement of documents plays a vital role in any company’s flawless work. Proper sorting is your ally. If you create an archive of some documents beforehand, it would certainly facilitate the process.

It is desirable to have both paper and digitally scanned copies of all valuable company documents. Saving additional copies in a cloud storage will give you even more security. Before you bury yourself in copies of all existing documents, you need to thoroughly revise them. Get rid of the unnecessary ones and focus on the sorting system. If needed, use a new approach. You should assign this task to employees who are most familiar with the current system.

When moving, take the time to properly assort the documents in boxes. Do it according to the internal organisation of documentation. Do not mix documents from different years and sectors, as to avoid the need for rearrangement. Follow a specific plan and you will find your way in the new office faster.

Before an office relocation make sure you have an Internet service provider 

Make use of the moment to improve the terms of your current contract and sign a new one, more appealing to you, with a new provider. If currently you are using only Internet, but you would like to get more services, ask about a business package. Inform the provider of the exact location and size of your new office. Discuss the network load during working hours. Decide on terms that would be suitable to your company’s needs. After all, you would not like to have dead spots, with no internet coverage.

Important aspects that you need to pay attention to are the speed and the potential limits in data usage.

A good connection is an integral part of the standard work process in many companies. Ensure that all computers are properly connected. Hire an expert to set the cables and IT systems in order to avoid technical errors. Arrange the wiring before you move all of the equipment. This would save you time and effort.

Start with secondary office equipment and items

You would facilitate the office relocation if you start with packing the items you don’t use regularly. Having these boxes ready earlier, would definitely be beneficial and save you some future pressure in the days of moving.

One thing that could be done early is sorting the stationary items. Pack them carefully and leave only the most needed in the office. Think about which small furniture could be moved at this stage of the office relocation.

For some, a particular piece of equipment is not imperative, while others would use it daily. Keep your employees’ habits in mind. Leave the coffee maker on up to the last moment, and everyone’s happiness is guaranteed.

It is preferable to think about how you are going to move the plants from your office. They are delicate, and you need to take special care of them. Not all transport companies take the responsibility of moving them. Thus, you would need to roll up your sleeves and start dealing with them early on. Put green life on the list of things that need to be moved first from the workspace. Your office wouldn’t be as pleasant without them, but we believe you would manage.

The key is in suitable boxes

A “suitable box” is an idea that is hard to put into action in real life. Choose boxes that are appropriate for the valuables you are going to put in them.

If there are some excess boxes from previous supplies to the office, you could put them into use. Also, you might want to check for some equipment packaging, left behind in a storage room. If you find one in good condition, don’t hesitate to use it. This is a regular approach to pack items like coffee makers, printers, TVs, etc. Make sure that the boxes you are using have no holes and tears. If necessary, buy new ones. 

You should take some time to make yourself familiar with the different types of boxes you could use. Plastic containers are much more reliable than cardboard ones. Consider whether they would be suitable in your situation. You could also use them after you settle in the new place by storing items or papers. If you think they wouldn’t be of any good use further on, then you might want to think about alternative options. We remind you that only a very small amount of plastic is actually recycled.

Usage of boxes of different sizes is recommended. Consider the type and size of the items when sorting them. In smaller boxes, you could place books, papers or stationery for example. Middle sized boxes are more appropriate for appliances, ensuring they are firmly packed.

Whether cardboard or plastic, usually, the material larger boxes are made of is more solid. They are perfect for bulky items that are hard to move. Just a single glimpse at a large box, professional movers know that it is, most likely, filled with heavy items, and instantly decide how to place it and move it.

Don’t forget to take photos of the boxes’ content. This way, you’ll know what exactly is inside and make the process of the office relocation faster.

Man unpacking office equipment

Use packaging reasonably when relocating an office

Boxes are not the only necessary items for successful packaging. You need to acquire everything else you’d need. Don’t leave tape purchasing for the last minute. This big sticky item will ensure your boxes stay sealed. Choose a wider tape so you won’t have to go over one section twice. Use it to secure the boxes’ bottom as well, to avoid your belongings falling off.

Labelling could be pretty irritating. Don’t neglect the process because, later on, you will be grateful you have made the effort. By doing that, you will avoid disorientation during packing and unpacking. With proper labelling organisation corresponding to the boxes’ contents, you will lower the chance of losing something. Write on the labels with different colours according to the content and the room it is going to be placed in. Choose a brighter shade that stands out from the rest. With it, mark the most important boxes, or the ones that you would need to unpack first. If your company has a big team, create a legend of the pen colours. Good preparation is half the work.

Bubble wrap and stretch wrap will significantly help you with moving. Use them generously in order to protect fragile items from damaging or breaking.

Pay special attention to fragile items

Bubble wrap has various applications, as most frequently, it comes in hand with fragile items. You could also use it to wrap parts of equipment that need additional protection. If these parts are flexible, consider the option to remove them from the main body and wrap them separately.

Individual attention to all fragile items is time-consuming but their protection requires you to pack them piece by piece. Pick smaller and more solid boxes for them. This will lower the chance of additional pressure from other heavier items.

You need to consider proper filling. Sometimes, holes appear between the items with unusual shapes. You could fill them with bubble wrap or packing foam. Place a larger amount of it on the bottom of boxes for additional security.

Don’t forget to put a “Fragile” sign on all boxes with content that is precious and could easily be broken. Warn the movers in advance, which boxes they should treat more carefully.

Arrange a clean-up for both the current and the future office

Once the movers take your office equipment out, you will surely need to think about cleaning the place. Despite the fact that you’ve kept it clean in time, you will definitely need to mop it again.

An effective option is to trust a professional cleaning company. Don’t forget to discard all the litter that’s left. This will save you money.

Include the cleaning of the new office in the contract terms. This is highly recommended if you are moving to a newly built estate, or a freshly renovated office. Use the time before the relocation to do the cleaning. In case you don’t do that in advance, you risk creating an unpleasant experience for your employees. Do your best for them to walk into a clean and tidy office. Let their only responsibility be to arrange their personal items on their desks.

Celebrate the office relocation

A new office brings the feeling of a new beginning, even though, for many of your employees, work won’t change in any way. You should arrange a celebration and welcome people to the new place. You don’t need to spend too much on that. Turn the first day into a pleasant experience by bringing food and drinks for everyone. Make sure they are taken care of and that they embrace the change.

Every office relocation is filled with rough moments. For that process to go smoothly, turn to a professional transport company. Experienced movers know how to best handle the most fragile equipment. The Movega team is reliable and guarantees transparency and safety in every stage in your relocation.

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