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When you are changing your home, there could be made quite a few moving mistakes. Bad weather, busy traffic, forgetting necessary paperwork are just some of the nightmares that people moving for the first time have. Not all situations are easy to predict. Fortunately, most could be avoided with good planning.

Having a positive attitude towards your change of housing will also help to keep you well organised. If you're prepared, you'll be sure to narrow the gaps. To that end, we've provided you with a list of the most common moving mistakes. It will guide you and show you the key points that many tend to overlook.

Neglecting the thorough research of transportation companies is one of the major moving mistakes

The abundance of transport companies could make it somewhat difficult to choose one. Research the market and the different options. Target those that provide the most suitable conditions for you and compare them.

Before committing to a company, get to know it thoroughly. Get enough information, recommendations, and reviews from Trustpilot. This way, you'll avoid moving day pitfalls and give yourself peace of mind.

The insurance terms of your belongings are an important issue when moving. Inform yourself how the chosen company proceeds in different situations.

Take enough time to book your desired dates. The company's commitment depends a lot on whether the day is a weekday or a weekend. The season of the move is also of significance. Contact the chosen company 2-4 months before the move-in date. It is important not to wait until the end of August to ask for a quote for the first week of September.

Not requiring an expert valuation of your belongings and the cost of moving them

Avoid moving mistakes by valuing your belongings. This is a mandatory step before signing a contract with a moving company. It will inform you about your future costs, and the company, about the characteristics of the cargo to be moved.

After the valuation, you will be aware of the approximate volume as well as additional specifics to pay attention to. In case you have a busy everyday life, a video inventory of your home is a good way to do the valuation.

The expert assessment will also help you to set a realistic relocation budget. Without good preparation, your financial plan would have gaps.

Once you've estimated the approximate moving costs, be sure to add in those for purchasing packing supplies.

Include days off, food costs, and unexpected gas station purchases in your budget. Setting aside a financial reserve is never superfluous.

Not investing in moving helpers

Sometimes the decision to hire helpers is a controversial one in the family. This is often seen when moving locally. There is also a lack of trust in other people to do a quality job and take care of your belongings.

Moving everything from the house on their own is among the common mistakes people make when moving. It could cause physical damage if you are not familiar with the specifics of the job. The extended loading time when moving on your own and the strain created are also not to be underestimated.

Hiring professional helpers can be an excellent idea. Companies use moving equipment to move some of your furniture that needs extra securing. Using extra help and equipment will provide convenience and security for your luggage.

Not parting with certain belongings is one of the common moving mistakes

People don't like to part with their belongings. This perception leads to moving mistakes. Cluttering up with unused stuff takes deprives you of space, energy, and time.

Think about it, when was the last time you used that item, and did you really need it? Are you used to shuffling it from one room to another or have you hidden it in the bottom of a cupboard? How would your life change if it were gone, and would it change at all?

Sorting, packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and then arranging everything in your new home. This is what the process of preparing each item includes. Is it worth doing if you intend to put it back in the closet and forget about it? If the answer is no, you could put it on your garage-sale list, donate it, give it away, recycle it or throw it away.

Not starting packing up your luggage on time

Postponing the important task of preparing your belongings will not bring you much benefit. Lack of coordination has a negative effect, no matter if you have the mindset that you would easily organise everything in 4 days. Take action on time.

Starting early can put you in a situation of disorientation between boxes of belongings. On the other hand, packing late leads to unnecessary tension and chaos in the house.

Get busy preparing your home smoothly by planning daily moving tasks. Consider when would be the best time to start with them. Be consistent and follow the schedule you have made.

Box full of things to move

Not paying enough attention to packing

Underestimating the packing process is one of the major moving mistakes you need to try to avoid. Many get lost when it comes to the time they need to start.

Getting the right boxes and envelopes takes time. Consider the materials you need to prepare, and how much you would need. A common oversight of beginners is packing belongings haphazardly. Come up with a system for sorting them.

You can use the rooms of your home as a basic categorization. Every room is full of special needs items. It's good to know how to pack your kitchen before moving. Patience is a virtue and will pay off greatly when you arrive at your new home and there are no visible signs of damage on the china.

Underestimating the importance of essentials box

Essentials boxes are usually overlooked by many. This is one of the common moving mistakes. These are the same people who can't find their toothbrushes the first night in a new place.

The special superpower of these boxes is that they contain the most needed supplies for both the last days in the old home and the first days in the new home. Put preparing the boxes on your to-do list and make sure you don't forget them.

It is recommended that they are in your personal vehicle if you are traveling overland. Essentials boxes should be easily accessible. Make sure each family member has their own to ensure comfort. You can put your children's favourite toy and blanket in their box.

Moving mistakes related to your pet

Prepare your pet's papers and make sure they are valid. Be sure to bring along its current photos, passport, and vaccination certificates.

Be sure to visit a veterinarian for your pet's check-up. Depending on how you travel, you may need to bring medication for your pet. Consult a doctor to see if you need medication for your furry friend.

If possible, pay attention to your pet while traveling. Reward the animal’s good behaviour during the trip when you reach your final destination.

Not preparing your family for the change

Moving to a new place is an event shrouded with a lot of emotions. Changes in the environment as well as the "new normal" could be stressful. Not everyone accepts these with open arms.

This is a delicate time, especially when it comes to moving with children and teenagers. Parting with their friends could make them more or less sad.

Take the time to prepare both them and yourself for the move. Spend more time together. Family dinners and enthusiastic conversations about the new place would fill them with confidence that their lives won't change that much.

Explore interesting activities you can do together in your new home. Once you move in, create a new family tradition. A sense of consistency could help you all adapt to the change more quickly.

You are now familiar with the most common moving mistakes and are ready to begin your planning. Act calmly and reasonably by following your own pace.

The moving process would go more smoothly if you trust a professional moving company. Movega's reliable team will take care of all your needs. We are here to answer your questions and provide a personalized quote.

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