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Black Friday is generally perceived as the unofficial name of the last Friday of November, right after Thanksgiving Day. With the development of technologies and the wider use of the Internet in daily life, Cyber Monday rises on the horizon as a natural extension of sales but it happens online. Officially, it was introduced back in 2005, and it takes place immediately after Black Friday. The focus of Cyber Monday is the chance to purchase all kinds of goods without having to wait in line in physical stores. Virtual space has numerous other benefits, like the option to compare prices in real time and place orders quickly and easily.

Both of these days are famous for generous discounts, which mark the beginning of the holiday season of massive Christmas shopping. Sales give a chance for acquiring goods that have been desired for long, and that are hard to resist even by the canniest. All over the world, a trend of big discounts lasting a whole week is observed.

What is the negative effect of extensive shopping on Black Friday?

Popularity of sales grows by the year, and it is now widespread outside the boundaries of the United States. Since days of great offers are becoming one of the most famous and anticipated events worldwide, sales are increasing in European countries as well. In 2019 online transactions reached maximum growth in Scandinavia. On Black Friday, Denmark and Norway registered the highest rise of 692% and 687% respectively, compared to the previous month of the same year. Changes caused by Cyber Monday were most significant in Portugal, with 293%.

Gradual containing of the Covid-19 pandemic and implementation of preventive measures are also considered as factors affecting the society’s behaviour on the market. Constant changes of restrictions in retail areas throughout Europe and fear of delays in deliveries, which might lead to lacking a Christmas gift, encourage consumers to make their holiday purchases online. In the first three weeks of November, online sales have increased by an average of 30% on a yearly basis.

At first glance, buying desired goods at a huge discount seems wonderful. However, what is actually going on? Does feeling anxious and afraid of missing out on something that could make your life better, an event, an experience, purchasing an item you have wished for, sound familiar? This is the so-called FOMO effect. It is highly observed during days of discounts as a fear of missing out on a great offer. This kind of uneasiness affects a lot of people and pushes them into obliviously taking part in the massive sale, no matter what. Shopping during discounts could be beneficial and enjoyable, as long as you’re properly organised and you don’t act emotionally. When you have your judgement clouded, the chance of buying something you don’t actually need is quite higher.

You should keep in mind that random shopping does its damage to the environment as well. It leads to increases in gas emissions from deliveries, non-degradable packaging pollution, support of the so-called fast fashion, etc. Think again before placing the order for that floral shirt you probably won’t even wear more than a couple of times.

What is Giving Tuesday?

Equally significant, we would like to tell you about the possibility to participate in the Giving Tuesday Campaign. It is a charity initiative, actively taking place on the Tuesday after Black Friday. Giving Tuesday promotes the engagement of society in donation of goods, products and finances. You get the amazing chance to donate one of your blankets, which you bought on a “3 for 1” offer, and contribute to a good cause by taking advantage of the great deals out there.

Every step of the way is important when we’re dealing with environmental protection and reasonable shopping. Start with our offers which are adjusted to wise shopping at any time of the year.

Advice for the time of shopping

  • Make a list of all the things you need in advance

The list with the goods you have chosen will keep you in line during big discounts. Thus, you’ll be more unlikely to stray from your goal due to affordable prices.

  • Set a budget

Setting a budget before shopping is a good strategy and probably our most important advice. It is not a good idea to spend your whole salary at once, is it?

  • Think about whether you really need what you intend on buying

Do you need that new purchase, or you just like it and you want to have it? Do you already own something similar? Answer these questions before buying.

  • Would you buy this if it wasn’t on sale?

Try to ignore the big “Only today! 70% discount!” sign. Is the price actually irresistible, or the discount psychology is playing with your subconscious?

  • Read between the lines

Conditions are not always clear and transparent. Underlying terms are among the many tricks that salespeople use to seduce you into buying from them, and we advise you to be cautious.

  • Choose standard delivery time

There is more than a month till Christmas for your presents to arrive on time. Once they do, you could always turn to us to storage them for you up to the holidays. This way, you’re making sure that the children won’t find them before that.

  • Choose means of transport to the retail store that are as eco as possible

Deciding on the comfort of your personal vehicle in the middle of these shopping days could end up being quite the hassle. Public transport or walking, could save you a lot of time wandering around, looking for a parking space, and furthermore, it is more friendly to the environment.

  • Comply with the containment measures

Keeping distance and conscious shopping are important in the presence of a throng of customers in a single retail store. Avoid intentional pushing together with other people and be responsible for your and the health of others.

How is Movega Removals going to help you on Black Friday?

Black Friday is a nice opportunity to buy goods that you are going to need in the future at affordable prices. In case you lack the storage space for them, Movega Removals might be your new best friend. We could solve your problem and arrange the storage of your belongings according to your needs.

Our storage rooms are suitable for both your new purchases, and the valuables you already have in your place. We know that figuring out where to put your furniture is a crucial part of every renovation. In this situation, we could offer you additional space to use while you undergo these changes. In case you can’t part with your old furniture, or you don’t have enough space for it, we can help with that too. And what would happen to your belongings if you decide to move to another country, but you are still looking for the right place? Once again, you can rely on our services. We can offer you the option of storage and subsequent transportation to every point in the European Union. With your agreement, we will store your things for as long as you need.

Being a company with large experience, we advise you to trust the professionals and let us take care of the important tasks that the storage and transportation of your belongings are.

Learn more about our service and contact us by calling +44 (0) 20 8050 4748 or by using the MovegaBot or our contact form.

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