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For many, the low cost of services is among the key criteria when choosing a relocation company. However, often the lowest price comes with compromises in quality. This can make a big difference when moving your valuables. That's why an informed decision is more important than ever. Read the following lines to get the answer to why cheap movers aren't the best choice. The purpose is to help you make the best decision for yourself. Learn what the pitfalls are and how to avoid them!

Are cheap offers unreliable?

Cheap moving services are often unreliable. In fact, in most cases, low prices are associated with start-up removal companies aiming to establish themselves in the market. Alas, they don't have extensive experience, which increases the risk of accidents, damage to belongings and inflexibility when it comes to unforeseen situations. The lack of reliability of low-cost movers can also result in delays or postponements in the services required for the move.

Also, answer the question how to choose a moving company.

Another important aspect to consider when choosing a removals company is whether it offers insurance services. Reputable companies usually take care of insuring both the items being transported and your old and new home. This way, you can rest assured that if unforeseen damages occur due to the fault of the chosen company (scratches on the floor, walls, door frames, etc.), they will compensate you financially. It is by the insurance option that you can also judge the expertise of the porters. If they are confident in the way they work and are truly experts in the field, the chance of damage occurring is reduced and hence the need for insurance.

When choosing the right moving company, we should also focus on interpersonal relationships. Although often underestimated, they are the foundation of a stress-free and optimised relocation. The ability of movers to communicate smoothly both with you (as their customer)—providing you with comprehensive information about required documents, packing materials, potential risks, etc.—and with each other, in aspects such as organising and navigating the overall process, is a necessity that is built through years of case studies and experience, often also related to the cost of individual services.

Are hidden taxes a reason to reconsider the initial cheap offer?

Good communication between you and the chosen moving company is also associated with transparency. By this, we mean clarity about all the materials that you have to pay for (or, respectively, that are included in the pricing of a service). In this regard, be on the lookout for hidden charges. Among the arguments why low-cost carriers are not the best choice is that their services hardly include the purchase of materials by the carrier. Even if they are provided, their quality is not always guaranteed, which in turn can lead to damage to belongings, improper packing, stress and strain. Hidden costs may include charges for:


A key component when it comes to transport service. Exactly who should take care of purchasing fuel and whether it is included in the previously discussed prices for transporting your belongings—these are important details to discuss with the moving company in advance.


We have repeatedly stressed how important the right equipment is. Reputable companies should have clothing and special gear to ensure the physical safety of the movers and the material integrity of the items being transported. Alas, companies offering cheap moving services may unpleasantly surprise you by informing you that it is you who must procure or pay for the necessary equipment.


Paying tolls also falls among the pitfalls associated with why cheap removal companies are not the best choice. Reliable and proven relocation companies would not commit you to such an expense.

Think about the moving scams

Leading among the arguments why not to hire a cheap mover is the risk of scams. While everything may look good at first glance and you can feel good that you are saving money, choosing a cheap service can make relocation an unpleasant experience. Among the most common relocation scams are:

No-Show Movers

Imagine the following situation. You've paid a deposit for the services you've selected and have arranged a time to start the relocation. However, on the day of the move, the movers don't show up, you fail to contact them, and you are left wondering what's going on, not only not saving money, but actually losing the money you already paid. A checkmate situation.

To protect yourself from such a scenario, make sure you have thoroughly researched the relocation company—does it have certificates and official registration with the trade registry, do the people in whose name it is registered exist or are they just bogus figures (always bet on a series of preliminary face-to-face meetings), are there consumer reviews.

Bait and Switch

In this case, the moving company gives you a relative price for the services included. However, on the day of the relocation, after they load your belongings, the employees raise the price. The reasons for this may be that the weight of the belongings is greater than originally requested or that you should pay extra for a particular service.

In fact, we can distinguish three types of pricing: non-binding, binding, and not-to-exceed. In the first option, you get an indicative range of the price you should pay (i.e. the price varies). In the second, the removal company fixes the fee you will pay based on an accurate measurement of the weight and volume of your belongings beforehand (most often the measurement is done by the company itself through a so-called "home consultation"). The third option sets a threshold price you should pay based on a rough calculation of the total weight of the items being moved. The key here is that this threshold cannot be changed even if the weight of the load is miscalculated. Even if the weight is lower than the original calculation, the charge you will pay is not reduced. To protect yourself from this kind of fraud, we recommend sticking to the binding approach.

Hostage Goods

In this situation, moving companies refuse to unload your belongings after transport unless, of course, you pay extra. We recommend that you always sign a written contract (with detailed terms and conditions) for the services to be performed by the moving company before you start the actual relocation. This way, you can protect yourself and seek your rights legally should a dispute arise.

Phantom Weight

Among the reasons why low-cost movers are not the best choice for relocation is fraud related to the total weight of the property being transported. In some cases, moving companies may claim that your belongings weigh more than their actual weight, forcing you to pay more. To insure yourself, you can request a pre-measurement of the goods being transported, which you must attend.

Hiring cheap movers is not a good idea

Do your research before choosing the cheap offer

Actually, changing homes smoothly and choosing the optimal removals company starts with careful research. Here's how to structure your research:

Choose a season to move

We've already written about the advantages and disadvantages of relocating in different seasons. Once you specify a period for your relocation, you'll be able to narrow down the range of companies to potentially hire.

Read more

Inform yourself online about the available nearby removals companies. Research their history and values, familiarize yourself with the portfolio of services they offer and look for clients they have worked with. What impression does their website leave on you, are their services diverse, do they work internationally. These questions are not to be ignored.

First-hand experience

Research consumer reviews online or ask your acquaintances who might be able to recommend a reliable moving company.

Consult the experts

Take time to meet with representatives from the companies you consider to be a good fit. Personal contact will build a more objective opinion of their expertise and approach.

Look out for 'red flags' when choosing a removal company (especially when it comes to those offering cheap services):

  1. Lack of certifications (or membership in specialized associations)
  2. Lack of user reviews
  3. Lack of diversity of services
  4. Inability to consult in advance online or in person
  5. Requirement to pay the full amount in advance
  6. No indication of the amount to be paid
  7. No physical address
  8. Lack of information from the company about your rights and obligations during the move
  9. Delays, slow communication, and unclear answers

Affordable relocation ideas

Apart from collaborating with cheap movers, there are other ways (respectively, items in the relocation budget) to save money. After presenting the arguments for why cheap movers are not the best choice, we will also give some ideas to ensure your financial security without unforeseen risks and bitter experiences:

Take on the packing yourself

Packing is an extra service that, while timesaving, requires money. With a little more information, you could do just fine on your own. Find out more about the specifics of packing items like clothes, books, furniture, etc. and get the right materials (boxes, tape, paper, moving blankets, etc.). And why not get your family involved in preparing the items to speed up the process?

Opt for shared services

Save money by sharing your moving van or storage space with other customers.

Sell some of your belongings

Not only will you clean up before relocation, but you'll also invest the money from the sold items into a quality and comprehensive moving service.

Find a roommate

Valid for those living alone. Look for a roommate a few months before moving in. Rooming with a second person will reduce your rent and utility bills, allowing you to save money for the upcoming relocation. In addition, by choosing a roommate, you'll also help your landlord, who won't have to find an entirely new tenant after your move.

Furnish your new home in stages

This will allow you to set aside a portion of the amount budgeted for furnishings in favour of quality (and more expensive) moving services. You'll also have plenty of time to consider the design of your new home, considering features such as functionality, necessity, and the cost of items (a piece of furniture you wanted at the start may be considerably cheaper over a period of months, it's possible to buy planned furniture during promotional campaigns).

Skip the housewarming party

A housewarming party is a wonderful emotion and an occasion to share about the change of home with those closest to you, but it is far from mandatory. You could merge it with another occasion (like a birthday or a new job hire) or forgo it entirely for the sake of a higher budget with which to hire a trusted removal company.

Do you now see why cheap carriers are not the best choice? In fact, among the benefits of reputable moving companies is the ability to ask your questions. The Movega Removals team is ready to answer them, sharing experience built through years of expertise. Get in touch via the contact form or chatbot feature available online.

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