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Relocating to a new home is exciting, but it also requires detailed preparation. For first-time movers, many of the important details in the preliminary steps of the process can be unclear. With this in mind, today we'll outline the things you need to do before moving into a new home.

Things to Do Before Moving into a New House: Initial Preparation

Administrative tasks

Once you've found your dream new home, you'll need to tackle the administrative details of relocation. We are referring to aspects such as change of address registration, informing utility providers (including electricity, water, internet connection) about the change of address and issuing a residence permit in case you move to a foreign country. Be aware that terminating your current tenancy agreement also involves notifying your landlord of the move. Also, take care of the insurance of the new home.

Another important step in preparing the paperwork is finding a suitable removal company. Do not underestimate the importance of this task. It may take more time as it requires thorough research and potential consultations with the identified companies. As for those moving with children or animals, make sure you have all the paperwork required for a potential change of school, for example, and that you have completed your pet's passport and health certificate (and, if moving abroad, have visited your vet for the necessary vaccinations).

Cooperation with a professional removal company

Make sure you have clarified the details of the package of services you will use, finalized the dates of the relocation, met the recommendations of the professionals regarding the packing of your belongings, and insured your accessories. Among the things to do before moving to a new home, is to take care of all the services related to the relocation: finding a storage space, packing, securing, and cleaning the home (including appliances and furniture).


Start by making a moving checklist (you can break down the tasks by room, time, or cost). Define the separate activities and determine if you will need helpers to complete them. Order packing materials, hire equipment (such as gloves, moving straps, and wheels for moving furniture) and stock up on cleaning products. Don't underestimate the role of a pre-defined relocation budget.

Sharing experiences and helping to find new tenants

On the one hand, we encourage you to talk to people you know who have already moved. That way you can anticipate the pitfalls and keep the process under control. Those who have already moved could give you useful advice on packing materials, securing belongings, moving techniques, and choosing a reliable removal company. On the other hand, if your old place is worth it, you could help your landlord in the search for a reliable new tenant. Recommend it to friends or make a social media post.

Visit the new place

This way you'll be aware of its specifics, and you'll be able to plan furniture placement and decorating. You could also get to know the people living next door, explore what's near the apartment and even start bringing in some of your belongings gradually.

Things to Do Before Moving into a New House: The Day of the Move

Caring for little ones on a moving day

For children, moving can be exciting and fun, but at the same time stressful. In this regard, make sure they are in a safe environment and are not at risk of injury. You can plan the moving day so that they are at school, with friends or relatives.

Essentials Box

We've repeatedly mentioned the so-called 'essentials box'—the movers' magic lamp, but it can grant you much more than three wishes. Not only will you not have to unpack as soon as you enter your new home, but you'll have peace of mind that you have the essentials on hand for you and your loved ones. From toiletries and a clean pair of clothes, to pet food, medication, and important documents, you have the freedom to keep everything you need close by.

Cleaning the home after removing belongings

Alas, removing the boxes of your belongings is not the final step of relocation. Among the things to do before moving into a new home is to make sure you leave the old place in an acceptable condition - clean up accumulated dust and floors, pick up trash, empty the fridge of leftover food, and turn off appliances.

Re-inspect the dwelling

After the carriers have left the dwelling, check again if you’ve forgotten anything. This tip is especially important when you do not own and therefore do not transport furniture. Take a good look in cupboards, drawers, and hard-to-reach places such as the spaces under the bed and behind the sofa.

Say goodbye to neighbours

Last but not least, say goodbye not only to your old home but also to your neighbours. Swap contacts so you know you can always find them again and even invite those closer to you to visit. Give children moving to a new school a chance to say goodbye to their friends and classmates.

living room full of boxes after moving

Things to Do Before Moving into a New House: Prepare Your New Home

Home refreshment and cleaning (furniture and decoration order)

A general step to consider before moving into a new home. Refreshing a new apartment should be planned several months in advance, as it may involve renovation work, buying and delivering new furniture, restoring old furniture, installing appliances, etc. In addition, choosing interior items is time-consuming, especially when shopping locally and from different furniture stores. Add to this the time involved in assembling the furniture (either moved in parts, or new). You will also need to take care of the cleanliness of the new home before bringing your belongings into it and arranging it accordingly.

Checklist on what to buy after the relocation

Check what family members need. Apart from food items, you should also consider household supplies such as cleaning products, pet food and furniture cleaning accessories. In the shopping cart, you can also add something sweet to treat your neighbours with, and if you're planning a moving party, keep in mind the decorations for the celebration.

Getting to know future neighbours

Among the things to do before moving into a new home is getting to know the neighbours. Although you can do this directly on a moving day, we advise you to take this step in advance—on previous visits to your chosen home. This way, you can warn those living in the building (or in the area) exactly when you will be moving in and they will be informed about aspects such as unforeseen noise or traffic delays on the stairs and in the hallway, for example. You could also invite your new neighbours to a housewarming party, a step that will help you fit in more quickly, especially if you are relocating to a foreign country.

Pet corner

Pets are often the most stressed after a move, as they change their previous living environment completely and need time to adapt to their new home. Approach them with care by preparing a separate area for them in advance with their familiar toys, house, and toilet.

Save space

Before moving into a new home, you can explore options to save space. Potential alternatives include:

  • Buying folding furniture
  • Hanging wall shelves
  • Choosing a home with a closet or basement

Changing locks

When it comes to your security, among the things to do before moving into a new home is to consider aspects such as:

  • Changing the locks
  • Installing a padlock
  • Installing a video camera or alarm system
  • Insuring the home against burglars and household accidents

Things to Do Before Moving into a New House: Additional Tips

Donate unwanted belongings

Decide which belongings are worth taking with you. Getting rid of unusable items will ease the packing, transporting, and arranging processes of your new home. In addition, you can donate or sell your stored belongings, making sure they are useful to someone else.

Sort your belongings by type and material

This way, you will be able to pack as quickly as possible and accordingly secure your accessories according to the material they are made of and their fragility. In addition, there are also a few tips for packing items of a different nature such as books, clothes, appliances, or children's toys for example.

Communicate clear rules with your new landlord

Among our selection of things to do before moving into a new home falls clear communication. Set clear rules: can you change the layout of the home, when do you have to pay rent, is it possible to live with a pet, and can you look for a roommate, these are among the important issues to discuss well in advance.

Note deposit payments

Often immediately after moving into a new property, landlords will require a deposit (equivalent to several months' rent) to be paid. This is returned after you leave the property if there is no damage to it. This is a detail related to your budget that you should not underestimate.

Consult a professional

Before moving into a new home, we advise you to consult professionals. We're referring to relocation company representatives, interior designers and even your vet, who can give you helpful advice on how to proceed, facilitating aspects such as transportation, decorating and caring for your pets' peace of mind and quick adaptation.

This is the final of our recommendations related to things to do before moving into a new home. We hope they will make you feel more prepared for your upcoming relocation.  The experienced team at Movega Removals is available for your questions. Consult with us via the chatbot feature or the contact form available on our website.

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