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While for some relocating is often an urgent task due to starting a new job, studying abroad, or domestic issues, the rest of those planning a relocation are wondering when the right time is to take this responsible step. In the following lines, we will introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of moving during different seasons to help you make a thought-through decision that makes the overall process easier.

Pros and cons of moving during different seasons in terms of the initial preparation

The preparation for relocation is often longer than the actual relocation. The tasks are numerous. From drawing up an initial plan to purchasing supplies, packing, and securing belongings, hiring transport, preparing the necessary documentation, and choosing a company to collaborate with. The process seems endless, and the scarcest resource turns out to be your time. Here are the good and bad aspects of relocation during the different seasons related to initial preparation:

Relocation with the help of a specialized company

One of the key decisions you need to make when planning a move is whether to trust a professional company. This step involves carefully researching the available removals companies, the range and prices of their services, and reviews of their work. Fortunately, you can do similar research entirely online and by asking friends and acquaintances who have already dealt with a home change. Once you've compiled a list of companies you'd partner with, it's also advisable to research their availability. In this sense, among the advantages and disadvantages of moving during different seasons falls the schedule of local removal companies. Traditionally, summer is the most preferred relocation season. This results in filling the schedules of professionals in the field. In this regard, if you too are planning to relocate during the warmer months, contact your chosen companies a few months in advance. Another alternative is to choose a different relocation season, such as fall and winter, which are characterized by lower demand for relocation services.

Packing materials delivery

Holiday periods should also be considered when it comes to sourcing materials for the move: packing supplies, boxes, specialist equipment, and even new furniture. This is because the days leading up to the holidays are often busy for suppliers and items ordered may arrive later than planned. When moving and buying the necessary supplies, as a plus you should also consider promotional periods such as Black Friday, which has become a global day for massive discounts. Garage sales, on the other hand, are another interesting option during spring periods.

Pros and cons of moving during spring

Favourable weather

Among the advantages of moving in spring is the pleasant weather, when temperatures are neither too low nor too high and daylight hours increase, boosting our working capacity. Keep in mind, however, that spring weather can also surprise you with rainy days that delay or cancel planned outdoor relocation activities altogether.

Setting up a garage sale

Spring is the perfect time to organize a garage sale to part with old furniture, appliances, clothes, and other items. Pre-sorting the items to be transported is an important and often underestimated step, but one that determines both the amount of packing materials and the rental of a transport vehicle—full rental, or part (through the Part Load Service).

Safer roads

Among the benefits of moving in the spring is the quality of the roads. They are safer because, on the one hand, there are no icy roads and no snowdrifts and, on the other, traffic is lighter (compared to summer).

Еnd-of-school-year activities

The main disadvantage of relocation in the spring affects parents. This is the busiest period for students. Final exams in most countries around the world are held in the spring. Thus, relocating would interfere with children's concentration and preparation and would not allow you to rely on their help with activities such as packing, tidying, and cleaning. Relocating to another city or state, on the other hand, involves the necessity of changing schools, a fact that makes spring an extremely unfavourable choice.

Pros and cons of summer relocation

More time to prepare

In summer, the days are longer, allowing for longer work on the move. Thanks to the sunlight, people often feel more cheerful. The workload during the warmer months is also considered to be lower, which favours the concentration needed during relocation.

Blooming real estate market

Amongst pros and cons of moving during different seasons falls the fact that there are many more housing vacancies during the summer months. This would assist in renting a home that best suits your needs, including a convenient location. Transporting your belongings would be made easier if your new home is located near your old home.

Higher fees for relocation services

Higher demand for removal services in the summer also leads to higher prices. This is definitely a disadvantage for affordable relocation planners.

Hot and exhausting weather

High temperatures can be a real hindrance when it comes to the energy involved in your move. Hot weather also requires frequent breaks as combined with physical exertion, it is tiring and even leads to health complaints.

Pros and cons of moving during different seasons: Autumn relocation

Fresh start

What better season for a fresh start than autumn? Traditionally, it's the start of more serious work commitments and the school year. It's the perfect time to relocate, as you feel rested and have had a chance to carefully consider every aspect of relocating. In addition, you can combine moving into a new home with transferring your children to another school and making new friends on the move.

More available companies

Another advantage of relocating in the fall is that removals companies are not at their busiest and the chance of hiring them on days that are convenient for you and at affordable rates increases.

Rainy days

Unpredictable weather conditions are among the drawbacks of autumn moving. You never know when the rain will turn to snow, and that could delay some of the planned activities.

Work stress

Work stress rises in the fall, as traditionally that's when many businesses go back to their usual pace after the summer holiday season. Deals with new clients are also concluded, further increasing the volume of urgent tasks. For those working from home, relocation proves incompatible with professional commitments.

A man dressed for cold weather is moving boxes on a red background

Pros and cons of moving during winter

Affordable prices

Relocation service prices are most affordable in the winter, as the percentage of movers then is lowest due to poor weather conditions, low number of listings for potential homes, decreased productivity, and a bunch of work commitments.

More family members at home

Considering the advantages and disadvantages of moving during the different seasons, it's worth noting that winter is the ideal season to utilize the help of your relatives. People spend more time at home due to the cold weather—a potential opportunity to think through some of the decisions together and involve the whole family in packing up belongings and cleaning the apartment.


The winter holidays are definitely one of the downsides of moving during that time. They are associated with family comfort, dinners at home and sociable Christmas mornings. Definitely, traditions that would be broken if you are about to move.

Bad weather

Bad weather and icy conditions are causes of road accidents, road closures, unforeseen breakdowns, and restrictions on the mobility of those carrying your belongings. Cold temperatures are definitely one of the most negative aspects of moving in the winter that neither you, nor the moving companies have control over. Last but not least, they can lead to getting sick.

Pros and cons of moving during different seasons: Final words

A family relocation requires you to accommodate everyone's wishes and commitments at home. For example, if you're planning to involve the kids in the relocation preparations, it's a good idea to move during the summer—the period when most students are on summer vacation and can give you a shoulder to lean on when buying materials, sorting belongings and packing them. And why not team up with their friends to help you load and unload full boxes? Alternatively, if you think moving with the help of the kids is impossible, choose a time when they are busy so you can tackle all the tasks yourself, minimising the chaos at home.

Another important aspect to consider when planning a move is your professional commitments. Consider when most of your colleagues go on holiday and it would be impossible for you to take advantage of a few free days yourself. Think about what time of the year you feel busiest. Avoid taking holidays then, as it will be difficult to catch up on the work you have accumulated since the move.

Talking about the advantages and disadvantages of moving in different seasons, we should also give importance to family holiday plans such as holidays in seaside resorts or ski holidays. Think carefully about your annual schedule before setting dates for your move and be sure to fit the days you choose around both your professional commitments and your leisure time.

Choosing the appropriate season for your upcoming move will ensure you don't encounter any unforeseen challenges. In case you want to minimize relocation difficulties by taking advantage of a specialized service, consult right now with a representative of Movega Removals, a company with extensive experience in Europe. Get in touch with us via the available online contact form and chatbot feature.

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