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What to do before your collection day

Make sure you have a plan on how to pack your items. Mark the fragile items, and make sure you pay extra attention when packing them. Create a loading plan, and provide it to your driver.  Pack items room by room. Make sure that every room has a unique recognizable label. By providing labels for every room, you will benefit on the delivery, as then you would know exactly where you need to place your items.

When packing do not use old boxes, the corners of the second hand boxes are not as strong as the corners on the brand-new boxes, therefore the boxes are not as reliable.

Packing furniture`s is not an easy task, so do not take it lightly:


Dismantle all the furniture`s you have. Attach the hardware that came in from the piece to it, that way you would know where did the hardware came from (make sure it is attached firmly, as if it becomes loose then it may fell off)


Wrap every piece of furniture with blankets or bed linen that you are not going to be using anymore, then bubble wrap it, that way you would protect extra the furniture`s.


For the corners make sure to use two-four layer or cardboard corners. In case of impact, the cardboard corners will protect your furniture`s.

Packing of Kitchen


Start from one area and move on, do not forget to label the boxes as that would help a lot on the delivery. Pack only items that you need, there is always items that we do not need, and when relocating is better to dispose them, instead of taking them with you.


Boxes of different sizes would need to be used. When it comes to packing cutlery, glasses pots and pans, make sure you use bubble wrap to protect the glassware (boxes made for glassware would have dividers in them).


When dismantling your washing machine, dishwasher and dryer, make sure you hire a handyman, as there is plumbing job related to dismantling some of the items. Once everything is dismantled, make sure you clean the appliances and wrap them with bubble wrap and blankets. If possible, have those items ready for loading before the vehicle arrives. Load them last, as they are considered fragile items.

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