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For many, the excitement of being able to furnish their own home is overwhelming. Whether you take a minimalist approach or go for rich decorations, lush colours, futuristic furniture, or the classics is entirely up to you. Your home becomes your own little paradise. This applies with full force to the room where you spend the most time: the living room.

Today, with the abundance of products on the market —both affordable ones and luxury furnishings —the possibilities of how to arrange your home are growing tremendously. Let's not forget second-hand furniture, which guarantees comfort at low prices, helps you be more responsible to nature and often turns into real DIY ornaments that are impossible to find in mass furniture chains. In fact, even small changes to home décor can have a great effect on our health and our ability to create. Considering also that many of us already work from our homes, attention to home atmosphere is definitely worth it. Here are some of the most interesting interior design trends for your living room in 2024:

Interior design with care for nature

One of the key features of furnishings in 2024 is a focus on nature. Yes, "green" living habits are not only about nutrition, personal care, conserving resources and giving up carbon emissions, but also about the way we furnish our homes. This self-awareness is also boldly dictated by trends in furnishing.

Biodegradable materials are becoming key in furniture making, as are environmentally friendly ways of creating furnishings, and eco-friendly furniture manufacturers becoming more popular. In fact, eco-furniture is often multifunctional (for example, a table with built-in shelves, or a stool with a storage hole). These prove that less is more, and they help in the fight against the waste of production materials, deforestation, consumer mentality, etc. Environmental responsibility is also increasingly linked to the willingness of home furnishers to restore or recycle old furniture—a trend that focuses on an overall behavioural change in today's society.

In 2024, interior design is smart

One of the noisiest interior design trends for your living room is doing it smart. With technology booming, it is, naturally, being integrated into home furnishings at a rapid pace. Smart homes are increasingly appetizing for lovers of innovation and those struggling with hectic daily lives. Automation of lighting and heating, as well as the ability to have constant video control, are making bold inroads into the home furnishings market, and the potential of smart technology seems inexhaustible. Smart locks, bells with video surveillance and various alarm systems are not only a chance to experiment with furnishing your home, but also an alternative to feel safer and more secure. And here's a more detailed list of smart solutions you could integrate into your home furnishings:

The trace of remote work on the interior design of the living room in 2024

The increasing establishment of the home as a favoured workspace has more and more people carving out a dedicated work corner in their home. Solutions for ergonomic furniture to improve both the health of home workers and the quality of their work are not far behind. This type of furniture will definitely be in vogue in 2024, allowing furniture houses and interior designers to create and offer a host of new solutions. Among the ergonomic furniture that you can arrange your home with are:

Sit-stand desks: Facilitate your work and the quality of your posture, allowing you, by adjusting the height of the desk, to work both sitting and standing.

Ergonomic chairs: Improve posture by allowing you to adjust the height of the chair, the position of its arms and the tilt of its backrest, while also featuring a headrest—a pad designed to reduce neck strain. They are also extremely suitable for children who spend a lot of time in front of a computer or at a desk.

Dynamic chairs: With special spring components, they allow you to move even when seated, improving your circulation and muscle activity.

Main colours in the interior design of your living room

Perfectly matched colours are the basis for ensuring comfort in your living room. What are the highlights of 2024?

Earth tones

In line with the already mentioned eco trend in home interiors, earthy colours are a hit for 2024. Soft greens, browns, beiges, and greyish tones are considered as balancing, and bring a relaxed atmosphere; thus, they are especially suitable when it comes to decorating your living room wall space. Combined with the right furnishing, these colours could also give your home a bolder look.

Unusual patterns

Unusual patterns and combinations of different geometric shapes will also be in vogue in 2024, allowing you to be a little bolder and more futuristic when decorating your living room. They are not only appropriate in terms of wall space, but also in relation to the furniture and interior elements you will choose. Patterns in contrasting colours would add artistry to the dwelling.

Bold shades

As opposed to the earthy and traditionally more neutral shades mentioned, bold colours also rank among the top interior trends for your living room in 2024. Colours such as yellow, red, pink, and blue and the combinations between them would give your home a more memorable look.

Current fabrics and shapes in interior design in 2024

Round shapes and curved lines

Also trendy in furniture and various interior elements such as mirrors, lamps, tables, chairs, and small stools are curved lines and rounded shapes. Round furniture, combining futuristic touches and differing from the classic square and rectangular shapes, is among the trends for 2024. Mirrors with wavy and unconventional shapes also rank among the popular solutions to redecorate your living room in the coming year.

Vintage decorations

It seems they will rule among interior trends in 2024, allowing your living room to take on an even more authentic atmosphere. In fact, it's vintage details that can transform a seemingly boring space into a cosy and artistic-looking nook. Moreover, they combine more than successfully with the philosophy of DIY furniture and the restoration of already used interior components that could even acquire collector's value.

a woman drinking tea in her living room while enjoying the interior

Interior design 2024: Affordable and practical solutions

We think that creating a beautiful and cozy living room is possible even if you don't have a lot of money. In the following lines, we will offer you some current interior solutions that, on one hand, do not require drastic changes, time, and lengthy renovations, and on the other hand, will not empty your pockets.

Bring nature into your home

Bet on plants in your living room! They guarantee you a livelier atmosphere, freshness, and last but not least, the opportunity to rediscover a new hobby. Greenery at home is among the interior design trends for 2024, which, besides being beautiful and natural, are also affordable. We advise you to consider the size of your living room before deciding on the type of plant you’re going to put in it. For example, tall houseplants would be a great addition to furnishings in tall and airy rooms, while smaller but, by contrast, more numerous plants are recommended for smaller spaces.

Go for unusual light

Although natural light is best for any dwelling, for those living in an apartment or in a house with a limited number of windows, it is often mission impossible. That's where lighting comes in. And if by now you're used to the standard warm yellow light (as close to natural as possible), then furniture trends for 2024 are heralding a sharp turn in lighting. These are the unconventional bulbs in neon colours, again associated with futurism and innovation.

Be a minimalist

Minimalism is a decision you couldn't go wrong with. This is especially true when it comes to the resources you have when furnishing a living room, and to the effort of maintaining it. An abundance of decorative items often complicates cleaning the home, and while beautiful, it is not among the most practical solutions. So go for simplicity in terms of colours, fabrics, shapes, and accessories. It ensures that your living room will take on a classic, timeless, and trend-proof look. And if you still want to be bolder, you can choose interesting paintings, cutlery, or decorations that you can change periodically if you wish.

Scandinavian and Japanese style in interior design

Interior trends for living room in 2024 are heavily influenced by two main styles in furnishing:

Scandinavian style: Relying on simplicity and functionality, characterised by empty spaces, wood, and fabrics such as sheepskin, wool, and mohair (yarn). Decorations are kept to a minimum and colours are mostly neutral and soft, with houseplants being a must-have element of the Scandinavian-style furnishing.

The Japanese Wabi-Sabi philosophy: This style of decoration relies on home interiors inspired by nature. It believes that perfection lies in imperfection and is characterised by natural forms and objects such as ceramics, wood, and stone. Wabi-Sabi's main colours are green, soft blue tones, and grey; again, evoking the naturalness of nature. Elements of bamboo and of the weaving material rattan also complement the Wabi-Sabi furniture.

The specialists at Movega Removals, a company with extensive expertise in transportation services in various parts of Europe, know that home comfort is the foundation of a good life, relaxation, and family happiness. But before you furnish your home and your living room, you probably have a move to make. Need a consultation? Contact us now to benefit from advice based on our many years of experience. You can contact us via the chatbot feature and contact form available on the website.

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