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Living in a small home or one that simply doesn't have enough free space can be a real challenge. We've already shared with you our tips for storing items in a small home, and in the next few lines, we'll tell you more about how to use packing cubes to save space when moving, or at home. Although seemingly neglected, they would become a reliable helper even for someone who is struggling with free space. Ensuring order and aesthetic satisfaction, packing cubes would surely go a long way when it comes to creating comfort and moving into a new home.

What are packing cubes: Pros and cons?

Packing cubes are small pouches and their purpose is to organize items, compress them, and save space. They are most often used by travellers. The sizes and materials they are made of vary, making them suitable regardless of the packing occasion. Among the advantages of packing cubes are:

They help you save space: We are often messy when travelling, throwing all sorts of items in the suitcase, and yet always surprised to find that we have forgotten something we need. Packing cubes are the ideal option when it comes to organizing your packing and distributing different types of items (clothes, toiletries, accessories, etc.). Since the items in them are compressed, you manage to save space as well. Just think about airport security. Packing cubes are the perfect way to avoid the long rummage through your suitcase, as well as re-arranging afterwards.

They keep your luggage clean: This applies when carrying liquids or beauty products that could potentially leak and stain your luggage. How? In fact, waterproof packing cubes are also available on the market.

They make unpacking (and therefore repacking) easier: when using space-saving packing cubes, you have the option to unpack (and therefore) repack in stages. This is especially useful whether it's a move to a new home or a long trip requiring you to prepare a lot of the items you own. Unpacking only a portion of your cubes in stages will ensure the lack of clutter, both when you're on a short trip and when you're arranging a new home.

You can place it wherever in your home: Packing cubes allow you to make the most of your home's space. You can put them (therefore the items in them) in a number of places where space is not usually used - under the bed, on top of cupboards, in the space under your desk or on wall shelves installed for this purpose, as well as in space-saving organisers bought for this purpose. By putting the packing cubes in a closet or garage, you can rest assured that your belongings won't get dusty.

Arguments against the use of packing cubes are mainly related to their maintenance and availability in individual countries. Fortunately, platforms like Amazon offer a wide variety of different packing cube models (in terms of sizes, colours, fabric, purpose, and price respectively). It shouldn’t be hard to find affordable ones. They are a suitable gift for order lovers.

How to use packing cubes to save space depending on their type?

There are different kinds of packing cubes.

Compression cubes: Ideal for compressing clothes and other fabric items both when travelling and when it comes to storing clothes you're currently not wearing to free up space in your wardrobe. Through a double fastening technique, these cubes reduce the space needed to store clothes, keeping them clean as they minimise the risk of dust and bugs getting on clothes.

Ultralight cubes: Made from lightweight fabrics, they are the perfect choice for people aiming for compact travel. By using them, you would reduce the weight of your luggage and would surely ensure your comfort while traveling, commute transferring, long hikes and activities like hiking or camping.

Waterproof packing cubes: Recommended for fans of water attractions and seaside vacations as well as those who play swimming sports, as it would keep their belongings dry. The waterproof fabric that the cubes are made of also makes them suitable for campers who may be unpleasantly surprised by bad rainy weather.

Double-sided compartment packing cubes: They have two separate sides (sections) for packing, a great example of their use is when storing clean and dirty clothes, and when one cube is used simultaneously by two people who keep their belongings separate.

Shoe packing cubes: Yes, those exist. And they are perfect for fashion lovers and new trendsetters who have many pairs of shoes. You can use the cubes both when carrying your shoes and just for everyday storage and protection from staining. By using them, you will free up the space taken up by the dozens of cardboard boxes in which you purchased the shoes.

How to use packing cubes to save space when moving to a new place?

The use of packing cubes to save space would definitely appeal to those planning a move. We're sure that if you've ever had to change your home, you've certainly had to deal with even small portions of moving stress. In fact, packing cubes would help you be as calm and organized as possible, both when you pack your belongings and once you unpack them after moving in. And why not have some of them stay in their allotted cube for a while so you can spend as much time as you need on arranging your home without worrying about where to fit your belongings?

Packing cubes are the perfect alternative for carrying your personal belongings - ones that are more delicate or needed immediately after moving. Just imagine having to search for the box you left your toothbrush in after a day of tiring preparations. Packing cubes will ensure your most important items are always at your fingertips: clean, space-saving and in great condition.

How to use packing cubes to save space when redesigning your apartment?

Home interior renovations, serious time-consuming repairs and even small refreshments often require you to stow away many of your belongings and thus, protect them from getting dirty, stained with paint or damaged. Once again, packing cubes come to the rescue, allowing you to pack items by type or belonging to a particular room, for example. That way you can make sure you’ve set them away safely while you decorate.

If packing cubes are made of the right material, they can also store stuff related to rearranging your home. These can be DIY decoration materials, photos, and a variety of textiles included in your home furnishings.

How to use packing cubes to save space when traveling?

As already mentioned, saving space is key when travelling. It's not uncommon for travel lovers to be so impressed by the products offered in the country they visit that they want to fill their suitcase to the brim with goodies, souvenirs, cosmetics, and other tempting items.

In cases like this, the use of packing cubes ensures that you won't return empty-handed. For the purpose, you can resort to the already mentioned packing cubes when setting off. These will reduce the amount of space taken up in your suitcases and free up more room for new items.

In addition, packing cubes allow you to sort your clothes by type or outfit intended for a particular day. This will avoid the clutter of the hotel room, the long wondering what to wear and the piles of clothes on the bed. An added plus is that if you get a garment dirty, you can store it in a packing cube, so it doesn't compromise the rest.

Among the pros of traveling with packing cubes is that you don't have to unpack all your luggage and therefore, you wouldn’t need so much time when packing it back later. Punctuality is especially important when it comes to travelling, and who knows, packing cubes could guarantee you precious minutes on the way to the airport or the opportunity to spend more time sightseeing or trying out local delicacies.

When it comes to a family trip, packing cubes would allow each family member to pack as many items as possible, and they could bring some with them instantly just by taking the designated cube out of their luggage (for example, toiletries on a camping trip or medicine in an emergency).

It is easy to be more organised with packing cubes

How to use packing cubes to save space when sorting your belongings?

The question of how to use packing cubes to save space doesn't end here. They are the key ingredient when it comes to kids and organizing their belongings. Whether we're talking about a child's daily routine and the often-messy nursery, the wrinkled clothes on the floor and broken toys, or the luggage of the little ones on a school trip, packing cubes would surely help the order by teaching the child to take care of their belongings.

They can also contribute to sorting the belongings of different members of your family at home. Packing cubes in a specific colour can be provided to everyone for this purpose. We are sure that they would appeal to housewives and home comfort lovers, as they allow both optimality in carrying belongings and ease in storing them and keeping them in good shape.

Another alternative use of packing cubes to save space is to turn them into a sort of organizer for your pet's belongings. Yes, that's right. It's not uncommon for animals to have multiple possessions—toys, clothes, accessories, or various food supplements. The use of packing cubes to store your pet's belongings ensures you have more space and fewer hidden under the bed knick-knacks.

And if you thought your life couldn't fit in a box, using packing cubes certainly disproves that statement. They could be used in multiple ways if you use your imagination properly. For more tips related to moving to a new home, you can contact the experienced team at Movega Removals, a transport company with years of experience in Europe. You can direct your questions to us right now using the available chatbot feature and contact form.

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