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Movega Removals is an established transport services company with a track record and thousands of satisfied customers across Europe. Those who have already trusted us know that the key ingredient to our recipe for success is the personal approach. Our services represent a comprehensive range of options for everyone. All you have to do is contact us and you will receive professional, stress-free care!

However, Movega Removals' good name has led to the appearance of imposters and scammers. That's why we've created this piece to help you identify us quickly and easily.

Always check carefully the address of the site you want to access

At the time of September 2022, the Movega Removals team uses only the following site: Other addresses of ours are and, but they lead to our main website.

There are two main things to look out for here. For one thing, the abbreviation HTTPS, which stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, appears at the beginning of the address.  However, some sites don't have that "S" (secure), which means they don't provide encryption and protection for your data and thus pose a risk. In short, the HTTPS protocol gives you the peace of mind that you've landed on the right site and not a fake copy.

Look at the lock

Some browsers such as Google Chrome provide assistance by placing a small padlock right next to the address. This means that the site is secure and your information is encrypted by using a TLS/SSL certificate. The padlock is located in the upper left corner of your window. Just before the start of the URL. Its absence means that there is a risk to your personal information.

screenshot of showing that the site is secure

Check if the URL is misspelled

Another important thing related to the address is the domain. Very often, scammers will register a name that resembles that of the victim. For example, the letter O may be replaced by a 0, and periods may be replaced by dashes. It is also common for some letters to be duplicated - "movegaa".

It's also a good idea to check the age of the domain. Too often the imposters use newly registered domains.

In this case, was created on 2020-01-23.

Links that identify us

If you have doubts about a site, your best option is to look for links to it in reputable sources. For Movega Removals these are:


A good idea for extra security is to find Movega Removals on Trustpilot for example. From there you will easily follow the link to our official website.

A screenshot showing that is verified by Trustpilot

Another way to identify us is by checking our Google reviews. You can also contact the British association of removers (BAR). They can verify us over the phone.

For your security, it is also a good idea to familiarize yourself with our communication channels. The contact page on our website is the most secure method for contact. At the bottom of the site, you will also find links to all of our social media accounts.

DigiCert Inc. is one of the most recognizable companies in providing protection in the online space. Our certificate, issued by it, verifies and authenticates our identity – organization, website, location, etc. It provides an excellent level of protection of your personal information and connection to our site.

Digital certificate for encryption -

You can see all our accreditations here: accreditations

Remember that in the footer of our site you will find other useful links with which you can establish the legitimacy of our organization. They are arranged in the following order:

  1. Privacy
  2. Terms & Conditions
  3. Data Subject Rights
  4. Data Protection Authority

These links may provide you with additional useful information related to company details, domains, GDPR and more.

Watch out for bad grammar and spelling

Reputable sites often take the time to maintain a professional level. However, occasional errors are possible. When you see a site with lots of typos, phrases that don't look normal, capitalization in the wrong places, etc., be on the lookout. It's a good idea to make an extra effort to find out if the site is hiding any dangers. This leads us to the next tip.

You can do your own research on the site

It's not that difficult a task. First, use the tips we've already commented on - look up the address and domain, use online tools to check them. There are a bunch of them. Then check if relevant industry sources have put a link to the specific site. Trustpilot for example. You can also search Google for information. It's important to keep an eye out for extensions at the end of URLs. Examples are. .com, .org, .eu, .io, .net, etc.

An additional way to help your research and identify us is through our chatbot. It will load as soon as you open the site in the lower right corner.

Screenshot of chatbot

We remind you that the legitimate addresses that the Movega Removals team uses are:

Once you've seen the saturation of text with errors, you can head over to the blog section of the site and look to see if there are upload dates on the posts and when they are from. Keep an eye out for anomalies - for example a large number of blog posts uploaded on the same date. Also pay attention to where the social media links lead, usually in the header or footer of the site. It's also a good idea to pay attention to the site's privacy policy.

Although the practice of online fraud is on the rise, with increased vigilance, you will be able to benefit from quality and reliable services! The Movega Removals team is proven over the years and is at your service.

Contact us if needed!

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