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Thoughtful gifts are a trend throughout the whole year and attention to detail is a significant part in choosing those gifts. But what do you do when you want to surprise the new neighbours with a nice present?

We are very well acquainted with the whole process of moving to a new place. Our team has experience with the transportation of valuables, having helped more than 800 clients across Europe. People trust our professionalism. And thanks to that, we have learned a thing or two when it comes to proper welcoming to the neighbourhood.

If you want your new neighbours to become your friends, we can suggest some gifts that may help with that.

In our line of work, we witness how people feel when they move, and we can highlight some key specifics you need to keep in mind when choosing a gift. Leaving your old home is always accompanied by at least a little bit of sadness. We know that the new place excitement is great, but there’s always a pinch of nostalgic feeling.

In almost all cases, people have to say goodbye to some favourite belongings of theirs, due to various reasons. They are often too big and there is not enough space in the new home. Some are just timeworn and not as useful as before, or they simply become a heritage in an old house. During decluttering, some of the possessions get unintentionally discarded or forgotten. In any case, this gives us a great chance to choose a fine and useful housewarming present. 

We’re going to help you come up with the perfect plan!

Find out what they had to say goodbye to

Ask your neighbours what they had to say goodbye to in order to move into their new house. Most people try to be friendly so they could fit in the neighbourhood quickly, and they are likely to freely share their moving experience. Thus, you’ll get the answers you seek.

If you’re not a fan of straightforward questions, you could simply look around their place and see what’s missing.

Find out more about their new home

A house reflects its owner. In order for a property to become a cosy home, it is important to work on the little details. Take notice of the size of the place and the colours used for the interior. What is the feeling that the place gives you, what is the owners’ signature?

Answer these questions and they will help you better understand the person in front of you, and you could come up with appropriate gift ideas.

Make a list of ideas

Listing the ideas you come up with would make the process of shopping quite easier. By making that list, you will be able to follow up on all options, and choosing one of them wouldn’t be so challenging.

If you feel insecure about your choice, seek another person’s opinion and decide together on what you’re going to go with. You might want to get advice on a present that is somehow extreme or extraordinary. Still, you need to carefully think about whether it would be a good idea. 

Shop within reason

Follow the gift list you have created. We know that discounts could be tempting, but also stressful. There is a big chance that you get led on by the sales and you end up buying a gift that is actually not suitable.

If you start feeling that urge for buying new stuff, think about the side effects. Be a conscious buyer. This way, you would be able to free yourself from the pressure during shopping.

Sustainable packaging

Beautiful packaging is the perfect finish to any gift. Keep in mind that, in the new home, there could still be a lot of boxes and packing materials from the relocation. Think about an alternative package that can be reused and is durable over time. The market offers a variety of reusable bags in fun colours.

If your gift is fragile, choose the right packaging. Be careful when transporting it to the desired location. Caution with fragile gifts is a must-do, regardless of whether the final destination is the opposite house or an apartment 3 floors below. Clumsiness has a habit of manifesting itself at the worst possible time.

After you had done all steps of the plan, you need to get to the real job.

We’ve prepared a list of interesting housewarming gifts for your new neighbours!

Welcome greetings

Among the first things you notice about a home, is the door mat. You could decide on a classic sign if you don’t know the owners that well. In case you want to melt the ice faster, go with something funny. A playful door mat would not only be a facilitation to you, but would also bring a great mood to the new home.

Homey smell

Every house has its own scent, and that is what makes it special. Recently applied paint and dust smell are the main aromas that could be felt around a new home. A high-quality candle or a diffuser would freshen the air and create the desired homey atmosphere. You only need to pick the appropriate scent.

Soothing plants

Nature makes its way to every heart. Plants fall with the possessions that most moving companies do not transport. Depending on the size of the new place, you could choose a plant as your gift. Fresh spices in pots are an excellent option if you want to play it safe. Give a pot of fresh basil, thyme, or some other cooking spice. 

Backyard care

If the new house has a garden, that is a great opportunity for you to start thinking in that direction. Tools might not make someone a gardener, but they are definitely a significant part of the gardening process. After all, it would be a hard job to dig the whole area with a gardening trowel. The likelihood of the new owners have brought all the shovels is very little, so you could take advantage of that.

Garden care could also apply to terrace plants. In this case, once again, you have the chance to be helpful to the new family and give them garden tools that are compact and suitable for the conditions of their apartment.

For the best friend

As much as the family might love their pet, we guess they wouldn’t take all of its toys. 

Moving with a pet is not an easy job, especially when the distance from the previous place of living is long. A gift for the pet would definitely show that you care. Go for something neutral, like some fun toy.

Avoid the ones that make noises. As much as you might like animals, we doubt you would want to listen to noisy playing in the middle of the night.

Emotional moments

Memories are an integral part of each of us. Focus on them and help the new family cover the bare walls with happy moments. The options are many and come in different shapes, colours and styles. You could escape the classic photo frames by betting on hanging photo displays instead. They give the family a chance to change the photos easily and regularly. Their place will quickly become a home once they fill it with parts of their past.

Dealing with humidity

Life in different countries is marked not only by various cultures, but by various weather as well. If your new neighbours arrive from a country with a different climate, they would probably not be completely prepared. When moving to warm countries, Spain for example, it is important to keep the high humidity in mind. A dehumidifier is a practical idea for a housewarming gift. It will prevent mould appearance and save the family a lot of trouble. There is a variety of designs and sizes on the market, among which you could choose one that suits the family.

A person is what he eats

Food is an integral part of our daily lives. If your new neighbours come from another country, we suggest you surprise them with some delicious treats. You could easily prepare a homemade traditional dish that would warmly welcome them. The new taste would wake their interest for more delicious encounters and for the creation of a steady friendship.

A cookbook with classical national recipes is also a suitable gift, but you have to be careful. Find out if the cook in the family speaks the local language. This is important for understanding and executing recipes. You could also offer that, on some days, you get together to cook.

If you don’t want to end up with dirty dishes, it is a great idea to show your hospitality by visiting a nice restaurant.

Board games

Regardless of how old a person gets, they always carry the child within. Board games are a good way to have fun and they are far from intended just for children. The availability of various types of games allows you to choose the most suitable for the newcomers. Bet on an entertaining and international one so that everyone can join without difficulty.

Offer your time and assistance

The loads of boxes are an unavoidable part of the moving process. Additionally, more unforeseen difficulties come up when the family has children. Professional helpers are the best solution for dealing with all the belongings, but we have an idea of how you could help the new family.

While they are unpacking and tidying up, offer your help in looking after the children. It is also an option to assist in dealing with administrative tasks. Responsibility and desire to help in such moments are always appreciated and will make your friendship strong and steady. Offering help is the kindest gesture and has a much greater value than any material gift.

Practical gifts are not the most common choice, but in some cases, they are the most appropriate. Especially at times when the recipients are a family that has moved into a new home. In this case, special treatment is needed.

Remember that your ultimate goal is to show warmth and attention to the newcomers!

More information on the Movega Removals team and all of our services you could receive by contacting us through our Contact form and getting a free consultation.


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